Trying to get back into Welsh Music

Dwi’n caru hwn fersiwn o Calon Lan gyda Cerys Matthews a Côr Meibion y Fron

I love this version of Calon Lan with Cerys Matthews and The Fron Male Voice Choir

Corrections welcome!


Check out Calon Lan (Album Version) [feat. Cerys Matthews] by Fron Male Voice Choir on Amazon Music
Its a very long time since I posted. :roll_eyes: Is there still hope?!


Hi Ann!

That’s a wonderful version isn’t it!

Have you seen this thread on the forum?

It’s jam packed full of Welsh music and a great place for recommendations.

Here you’ll find a thread about song lyrics -

And here’s a thread about festivals in Wales this summer (if you happen to be visiting), where there’s always lots of great music to be heard! :slight_smile:


And there’s also this… :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the great info :partying_face:

Josgins - ‘Waka Waka Cymru (Cwpan Y Byd)’

Dwi wir yn caru hwn! :wales:😁

I really love this!

Goleuadau Llundain - Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc (geiriau / lyrics)

Un o fy hoff gantores gyfansoddwyr Cymraeg

One of my favourite Welsh singer songwriters

Steve Eaves

Iesu Grist ar y Tren o Gaer - Steve Eaves (geiriau / lyrics)

Jesus Christ on the Train From Chester


Corrections welcome :blush:

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Welsh Trad Music | A Beginner’s Guide

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