Trying to find a book!

I’m trying to find a book with limited information!! So my name is Ciaran, and I was born in 1983, and all my life I’ve been told my name came from a book my Great Grandmother was reading while my mum was pregnant with me. All the information I have was that it was Welsh, and had a female character called Ciaran (I’m also a girl) and maybe it was a romance style novel??!! I have tried so hard to try and work out what it might be, but no idea where to even start!! I’m also Australian so my name and the background isn’t too common here, especially as a female name :slight_smile: If anyone has any ideas of a direction to point me in that would be fantastic!! I’d really love to find out because I love the story of how I got my name. Would have been so much easier if my grandmother and mother had thought to ask my Great Grandmother before she passed lol
Thank you for any help!!

Wow what a story!

I can’t help you directly with the book, but maybe with the name?

I was brought up in the same village as two members (brothers) of the Super Furry Animals, Dafydd and Cian and their family, they were close family friends. Their mother is of Irish descent and I’ve always believed that Cian’s second name ‘Ciaran’ comes from Ireland.

This may not be of any help to you at all, though! :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile::slight_smile: I know, it seems like a totally impossible task!! My Grandfather was also Irish and they were all adamant that my name had Welsh background and came from this mystery Welsh book!! My grandmother also gave me my Great Grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings when I got engaged and married so I love the fact that I have those from her as well as my name :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply!! My name and spelling is so uncommon here, it’s so interesting to hear other bits and pieces that contribute to it as a whole :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Their dad was interviewed here:

(probably not of much help to @CiaranHyde but an interesting connection).

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Also I’ve since discovered (after trawling Google) that Ciaran is indeed of Irish (and probably Scottish) origin and means “little dark one” which I think is rather beautiful.

I also got this info from Wikipedia -

Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise (c. 516 – c. 549), supposedly born Ciarán mac an tSaeir (“son of the carpenter”)), was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland and the first abbot of Clonmacnoise.

Hope your jigsaw is coming together…

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Google reveals a few authors called Ciaran. Is is just possible Ciaran was the writer not a character? Of course the authors are men, I think, but confusions happen in memories! (Mine anyway!)