Trieni (level 2, ch 17 and 18)

What form is this, please? It doesn’t seem to be past, present, future, or conditional? And how would you conjugate it for other pronouns?

And connected with this - “I would try to help you if you would slow down”. I thought this would be a baswn i… taset ti… construction, but not a baswn in sight! It’s “trieni” again. What’s going on here, please?

What you’re hearing is triwn i, which is a short form conditional tense - I would try.
It’s like hoffwn i (I would like), but with the verb trio.

For other pronouns, you’d conjugate it just like hoffi does in the conditional -
triwn i
triet ti
triai fo/fe/hi
trien ni
triwch chi
trien nhw


Thanks, @siaronjames - that’s helpful. So both the baswn and taset are replaced with just the triwn i and a “sy”?

So just to check - are the following two equivalent:

  1. Baswn i trio dy helpu taset ti arafu (which I think is the Duolingo model)
  2. Triwn i dy helpu [ti] sy ti’n arafu (SSiW)

One further question on challenge 18 - I listened over and over to one sentence, and eventually downloaded it and listened to it played back slower, and I’m still confused:

“We wanted to know what was going to happen” is “O’n ni’n moyn gwbod beth ofyn mynd i ddigwydd”, but what’s the “ofyn” doing there? Isn’t that “ask”? So was wondering if this is a dialect thing of “we wanted to know what to ask about the happening” or something along those lines?

Thanks! I’m finding 18 much, much harder than the earlier ones for some reason!

It’s not sy ti’n arafu, it’s set ti’n arafu - the set comes from taset.
Yes they are interchangeable - Baswn i’n trio = Triwn i, and then you’ve got the same conditional taset, just shortened in speech.

There is no ofyn in that sentence - it’s O’n ni’n moyn gwbod beth odd yn mynd i ddigwydd. The odd is a dialect form of oedd. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I see! So the taset is there after all. Sometimes in a challenge, Aran explains what the “official” version is and says “but you’ll often hear…”, which I find really helpful as it sticks in my mind more, so your explanation is really helpful - thank you!

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Diolch en fawr for the words of encouragement at the end of each lesson. Personally I think they are unmerited. I can only repeat the complaint that the sentences are too long and complex. In modern writing we are told to keep it short. Also the switch from the second person ‘you’ to the fifth person without warning i find confusing. I am up to Challenge 21 but struggling. Please keep it simple. My old brain is not the sponge that it once was.