Tresaith Bootcamps 2015

Having come back from a brilliant bootcamp, and all fired up with enthusiasm, I have just confirmed with Heledd in Tresaith the following dates for Bootcamps:

April 25 - May 2 - Sold Out!
June 20 - 27 - Sold out!
July 25 - Awst 1 - Sold out!
September 19 - 26 - 8 places available

The cost is £260, which includes accomodation, some activities (but there will be nothing expensive left to pay), but you will need to pay for food (there’s a big communal kitchen, and we usually nominate two voluteers each evening to provide a meal), transport (we share cars) and, umm, liquid refreshment in the Ship and further afield. There’s more info on the individual Bootcamp threads.

They are all running Saturday to Saturday, and the July bootcamp as usual will finish on the day the National Eisteddfod starts.

April bootcamp will run the week immediately following the northern bootcamp, rather than at the same time that happened this year.

I will open individual booking threads etc when we are ready to take bookings, but you’re welcome to express an interest in this thread.

All things being equal, I’ll be there. Don’t know which one yet, but I’ll be there.

Iestyn, I am a definite for the July bootcamp as it is the only one not in the school holidays. I am afraid I cant get the time off during school weeks. Glad you had a great time last week! Andy

Well of course i want to be there again in April.
Cheers J.P.

Hi Iestyn,

I’m very interested in the July one - I too am limited to only taking time off in the school/college holiday periods. I’d really like to become a bootcamper - heard a lot about it from J.P.

Of course, what I meant to say was that the July Bootcamp is the only one IN the school holidays (I work in a school). Did try to amend post but it wont let me…

I quite fancy another one too, thanks for the heads up on the dates. I’m not sure that I’ve made further progress Welsh-wise, though i suppose I must have done. I must make a fresh start on course three.

I would like to come on another too, best thing since sliced bread

I wanted to do the July bootcamp too.

I’m just waiting on my allocated holiday blocks for next year to see which one I could do - but if I can, I will definitely do another bootcamp!

I’d like to do the July bootcamp again.

You love seeing the outside of Aberteifi Castle don’t you, Brigitte? :wink:

I thought the medeival Heras fencing around the castle was amongst some of the finest in Wales… :wink:

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I would like to be there in April again. I’ll try not to kill off Ifor the Engine this time.

You don’t think there’s a chance that the work will be finished by next July?

i was just thinking the same thing.

One thing I was thinking was that maybe the ‘returnees’ or very experienced bootcampers could consider joining together and renting one of the other holiday cottages available in Tresaith for the same weeks. That way we could enjoy being there and joining in and helping with some of the activities, but allow the ‘real’ bootcamp spaces to be taken by people on their first bootcamp. What do others think?


I think that’s a great suggestion Dee!

Having a quick look at a couple of the flats next door to the Canolfan, they’re still available for the bootcamp dates. The only problem I can see is that it gets rather more expensive over the summer months, but even so shared between 5 or 6 people it becomes doable.
Maybe if ‘returnees’ could express an interest here and say which bootcamp dates would suit them, we could look at the numbers and take it from there. What we don’t want is any more work for the official bootcamp organisers, so if we could sort this out between those of us that want to do it, we could be on to something :fireworks:

Dee, I would definitely be interested as a ‘returnee’ if I couldnt get a space on the July Bootcamp. That said I feel I would benefit from another structured Bootcamp because I did struggle at times in July. But, more than willing to pitch in if it means a first timer gets a space in the Canolfan. :slight_smile: