Tresaith Bootcamp - April 2014 - Introductions

Starting this thread for the April bootcampers to keep in touch with each other: there’s already a thread on the old forum…

… only 10 days to go :slight_smile:

Great idea, diolch yn fawr iawn! A phob lwc…:-))

I wish I were able to join! Everyone have extra fun for me!

I’ll be there!

Iestyn ap Dafydd: I’ll be there!

I’m hoping to put in at least 1 appearance some time during the week! :slight_smile:

So far, from the old thread, we know the happy bootcampers will be Hywel, Polly and me.

Who else is coming to share the fun?

Mae Matthew yn mynd i drior dod nos Sadwrn i weud hi ar ol ei cyfarfod yn Nhrefdraeth.

I’ll be there nos sadwrn - dw’in mynd I coginio I pawb! Looking forward to it (and hopefully a sneaky pint of rev james at yr dafarn wedyn!)

I will be bringing a cafetiere with me and some coffee obviously. There, that saves me saying “Dw i ddim yn yfed coffi instant” - coffi sydyn??

If anyone needs any extra bedding, I have a spare duvet, cover, etc. that I can bring.

Hi Helen - there are two cafetieres in Tresaith already, so if ou’re short of luggage space, don’t fill it further. On the other hand, I have absolutely no objection to having three cafetieres on the go at breakfast time, seeing as how my cafetiere (750ml) just fills my coffee mug…

There are actually three cafetieres at tresaith as I left mine behind after bootcamp last September - a fact that my husband still reminds me about (must get it back on sat!) a Helen, Dw I ddim yn hoffi coffi sydyn hefyd (that’s my new fav welsh word!). See you Saturday!

Coffi sorted - Dw i’n hapus :slight_smile:

Instant coffee to me is coffi clatsh, clatsh being a sort of “doing it instantly” word in the south, a bit like “whap”, another striaght away word, which give the well known sweet dessert “whip whap”.

Instant coffe is also not really coffee is it? Ros (toulouse2) explained it to me the other day as “If you think of instant coffe as a hot drink, rather than as coffee, then you can drink it without being disappointed”…

You will have another REAL coffee lover at the June Bootcamp, just so you know!
And you’re right Iestyn, instant coffee isn’t really coffee at all!

And another at the July Bootcamp! I shall come with Aeropress in tow, and hand-crank grinder. There’s nothing quite like freshly-ground coffee in the morning. :slight_smile:

I have never tasted Rev James, so need to fit that in between the coffee. We could have a 1970s caravan holiday night - with whip whap, Fray Bentos pie and ‘mash whap’ ;-).

Has anyone ever been thrown off bootcamp before they’ve arrived?

Helen, they put up with me last September so you have no worries.
Honest, your giggle pins just don’t know how much exercise they are going to get if it’s like last time,
the laughter will start before the Saturday meal is finished and will increase as the week goes on,
mutating English things like Pringles was just a small part of it.

Cheers J.P.

Ahem, John, wash out your mouth. We never ever use the English word Pringles. There is a perfectly Welsh word, pringlen (plural pringlys) to mutate…

I rest my case (Helen has no worries).
pwy sydd yn gwneud waeth na fi.

Cheers J.P.

Coffi cryf yn bwysig i Bootcamp. Yn Pen Llyn roedd Joan a fi yn hoffi coffi cryf yn fawr iawn! Dw i cael coffi heb llefrith neu siwgr- felly coffi sydyn yn blasus ofnadwy. Mywnhau y bootcamp pawb. Mae o’n arbennig iawn.