Translation of "Ladies and Gentlemen"

I’ve got “Foneddigion a boneddigesau”. Is that correct? The context I wish to use it in is as follows:
Good evening ladies & gentlemen, meine damen und herren, Foneddigion a boneddigesau.

Your confirmation/correction would be appreciated.
Keri Evans

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ladies and gentlemen! foneddigion a boneddigesau! …That’s what the Geiradur says.


Diolch am eich help.

Isn’t that gentlemen and ladies?

I’d never noticed that, Louis! We obviously haven’t caught on to this new-fangled French “put the ladies first” nonsense…

BTW - Foneddigion a boneddigesau is what you would use to address the Ladies and Gentlemen. The first word is actually Boneddigion, but when you say it at someone it softens.

It’s esactly the same thing as “pawb” (everyone) becomes Bore da, bawb (Good morning everyone). And in exactly the same way, if you always soften, or never soften, it makes not a blind bit of difference to how well people understand you.



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Figured as much. The old fashioned way. I remember a song sung in English with a French accent about “the old fashioned way”. Was that Maurice, perchance, @owainlurch ?

Just remembered, another Frenchman, Charles Aznavour it was

Ah, thank you for that!

I’d had a bit of a search in vain since you asked.

I was about to suggest you may have been thinking of Eartha Kitt singing “Old Fashioned Millionaire”.
She’s often mistaken for Maurice Chevalier.

So glad to know the answer!

I often think about those :smile:

That would be “Just An Old Fashioned Girl.”


For some reason, I was thinking that Eartha was Welsh, but now I think I was confusing her with Shirley Bassey. I think they were in their prime at a similar time.

I’m showing my age when I have to admit that not only do I remember this song from the first time around, but also when used as a gag in the radio show “Educating Archie”. In one show, Archie Andrews and his then sidekick, Bernard Breslaw, were supposed to be doing some DIY electrical work.

Archie: “You know you have to earth the kit don’t you?”.
Bernard: “What?”
Archie: “Earth the kit, you know, earth the kit”.
Bernard: “Oh, ok” (imitates her voice) “I’m just an old fashioned girl, with an old fashioned mind …with an old fashioned …millionaire…”

Enjoy the real thing:

Edit: The lyrics are actually even funnier than I remembered:

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