To the more religiously oriented amongst us is a cracking translation of the Bible into Welsh; the language is simple enough that I understand it with very little trouble, and knowing the English verses allows you to fill in the words you don’t know through guesswork. If you’re looking for something to help expand your vocabulary, I can’t recommend it enough :slight_smile:

Considering the translation was finished in '15, the language is also far more modern and colloquial/slangy than in the older William Morgan Bible/Beibl Newydd Cymru, so no need to worry about understanding your _yr ydwyf yn_s!

(Note, I’m not really trying to start a religious discussion, since those rarely end well, just wanted to share what I’ve been finding a nice resource to help expand my vocabulary/serve as understanding practice :slight_smile: )


I’m not religiously oriented, but I agree that it is a cracking resource (thanks are due to Huw for telling me about it).

And as well as the text, there is also audio (I don’t know if it’s available for all books, but it was there for all the books of the Old Testament that I looked at - not all that many so far).
And it sounds like a real human reader, not an electronic voice emulator.


If you’re looking for prayers or similar resources, the Diocese of Bangor website is a good place to start.