To DDydd or not to DDydd that is the question

Valentine’s day is approaching and Eirwen is gearing up to ask Daniel Craig for a hot date. Not to be outdone I am practicing Challenge 18 of Level 2 and am also readying myself to ask someone to be my Valentine. Does anyone have Monica Belluci’s telephone number handy?!

I’ve checked the calendar and Valentine’s day falls on a Sunday this year - so fast forward to Challenge 19 of Level 2 for “Would you like to go out with me on Sunday” and I have my “ddydd Sul” at the ready.

Overhearing Eirwen rehearsing asking Daniel Craig out, I heard her say “dydd Sul” and immediately corrected her lack of mutation… As she would not yield I have had to issue her a yellow card.

This has escalated to the point where Eirwen has convened a meeting of Llanfairtalhaian parishioners, to be held at Capel Llanfairtalhaian, to discuss:

  • the use of “dydd Sul” for on Sunday
  • the use of “a’r ddydd Sul” for on Sundays

The Heddlu have been alerted in the event that fisti-cuffs break out. And I believe they may be arranging for reinforcements from surrounding counties should it be needed.

I think Eirwen is arranging for a coach-load of relatives from Llansannan to attend chapel to bolster her case.

Should I issue Eirwen a red card at this point? Or do I grudgingly admit to some regional variation in when to mutate. Or, as is more than possible, I have got hold of the wrong end of the stick, completely.

I am also a little worried that Monica Belluci might flee the continent at the thought that I may ask her to go out on Sundays. Asking her to go out every Sunday is probably a bit pushy on a first date.



No, give it a go, I’ll ask her to pm you her number when she bobs round to empty the septic tank😄


You’re keeping her in some kind of swimming pool prison? That’s a little harsh.

Justin - was this not one of the instances when we warn you not to correct first language speakers?..:wink: Generally speaking, as soon as you start talking to first language speakers, you’ll need to begin the process of adaption from ‘correct mutations’ to ‘ordinary mutations’ - if you listen to Catrin on the Growth Club recordings, you’ll see that first language speakers talking naturally take a very, very flexible approach to mutations.

The dydd/ddydd thing in particular is the kind of extremely fine technical point that I wouldn’t expect many first language speakers to be particularly aware of - (although if they actually say ‘ar’ they’d probably almost always mutate naturally) - in fact, Iestyn had to spend quite a lot of time banging his head against the wall to get me to accept/internalise/understand it (and I haven’t had the heart to tell him he failed!).

Your safest bet (by a long, long shot) would be along the lines of ‘Eirwen, those buggers told me to say it this way, so blame them, not me, and I promise not to take the wildly dangerous step of correcting your Welsh ever again’… :sunny:


Your internal life must be weirder than mine😄

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Hey, none of my prisoners have to ‘bob’ anywhere. I’m well within Geneva conventions, unlike some people I could mention…


Yes, Aran - but Eirwen loves to watch me twist myself into knots trying to choose which way to respond in Welsh to her questions requiring yes/no answers. The odds are always against me and despite your great advice on how to answer yes/no questions I inevitably choose the wrong one. So the dydd/ddydd thing was like a red rag to a bull and I unthinkingly pounced.

Like Michael Palin in “A Fish called Wanda” I mounted my steamroller, targeted it and shouted REVENGE!

That and the really wonderful dialogues in Level 2 make life worth living,


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You’re a man in need of ‘Gawn ni weld’ - ‘we’ll see/let’s see’. Non-committal is always the way forward…:wink:

Add ‘efallai’, ‘dwi ddim yn siwr’, ‘weithiau’ and ‘dim diolch’ into the mix and she should never be able to pin you down again…


:joy: Reminds me of Pete ‘n’ Dud’s lady friends…


Wonderful and clearly, the truth😄 come to think of it, was that Betty Grable hitching the slurry tanker to the tractor? Maybe not …


Greatest comedy team ever !!


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