"To bach" for PC - how to create @ while app is on?

Helo pawb.

As you see in the title I have one single question and that is how to create sign @ while To bach is on.

I don’t write just in Welsh as probably nobody does and sometimes have to use sign @ for tagging or writing e-mail down but if To Bach is launched pressing the usual ceys for making @ I get ✓ instead. I’ve done some research with pressing different keys with ALT-GR or ALT but couldn’t find the sign. Anybody has some idea how to produce that without switching the app off???

Diolch yn fawr iawn.
Tatjana :slight_smile:

I’m lazy, so would just tend to write something like Lo(/)n or Pi(/)l.
It looks scrappy, but not much worse that 1st or 2m3.

Ah, sorry, I thought you meant tor bach. for @, I’ve seen (at) with an explanation.

What keyboard layout are you using? You may be using a keyboard that’s not supported by To Bach.
I know that this is not helpful, but the keyboards that I use (UK English/US English/Flemish Dutch) all have a @ malwoden key, so no multi-fingered trickery is required.

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Ah, yes. I only afterwards thought about that. I’m using Slovene keyboard what means with all those č,ž,š and what’s more to it stuff and also have come to an idea later that it might not be supported with To Bach.

I don’t use @ all the time but when I do I usually don’t need it for writing an email but for tagging poeple on FB and twitter which I do many times though.

Thank you @robbruce and @JohnYoung anyway (tagging again :slight_smile: ) anyway. Switching the app on and off isn’t that hard either as I’ve pinned the shortcut into my toolbar but I wanted to ask anyway.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

I use an English (UK) keyboard, and it has an @ key, which works ok when I’m using the to bach utility (which is most of the time). I’m on Windows 7.

Have you looked at the documentation for to bach? It tells you how you can tailor it to produce your own key sequences. I’ve done this to produce appropriate key sequences for German and the Scandinavian languages. I didn’t need to do anything special for @ as my @ key works ok without any changes, but I’m sure you could tailor to bach to produce it on the keyboard that you are using with a bit of experimentation.

I don’t have the link to hand, but if you google for “Interceptor Solutions” you should hopefully find the documentation in question. I’ve posted about this in the past so maybe searching the forum for my username and “to bach” might find my relevant post(s).

Does anyone know if To Bach is free for organisations to use, or only home users? I have it installed on my personal laptop and find it very handy for my Welsh homework. I’d like to spread the love, but only legally!

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I can’t find any licence terms for the software. The web site does, however, invite users to “share with your colleagues”, so I would think you’re OK.


Thanks, robbruce. I didn’t spot the invitation to share - that’s definitely promising!

Just to be sure, I sent in a query to Interceptor Solutions (the company that made To Bach) and got a very quick response back. They’re completely fine with organisations installing To Bach on their computers. So that’s good news!

I now work for a bigger organisation, and am thinking about asking them to install To Bach as standard across their shared PCs, in the way that they have Cysgeir and Cysill installed. They may well ignore me, but I can only try!

I’ve been using a shared computer today, and I’m not sure how people type Welsh without To Bach. How does everyone else manage? Are there alternatives? I’ve been using it for years. I think right at the start of being a Welsh learner, I used Word + Insert Special Characters, which was an incredibly slow and cumbersome way of doing things.

I use this site:


It’s a little labour intensive as I have only been able to figure out how to use it with cut and paste, but it works. :wink:

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Thank you. Saved it to my bookmarks for the next time I’m on a shared work-managed PC. ¹

At a guess, you’re using the site because your operating system doesn’t support the To Bach app?

¹ Just realised that saving it to the bookmarks on my personal device wasn’t the smartest thing I could do, since if I’m on a shared computer I’m not using my own laptop! Will just have to come here instead.