Three minute swap

Any takers for a three minute swap ?

Richard (Skype : Richard636363)

Hi Richard, I am willing to give it a go,
if, you have not found anyone?
I’m not sure how much I could say but it would be good to try.
I will send you a message via your skype tomorrow. :blush:

Great to see you guys giving each other a hand here! :sunny:

@Deborah-SSi maybe this is a thread we can feature in the email? :sunny:

What’s a 3 minute swap, please?

I am hoping to try this soon. From what I understand, we contact another person on SSIW on the forum, to see if anyone wants to be a partner in order to try out their Welsh on each other. Its just for 3 mins each person. You can say anything you like for 3 mins ( as long as its in Cymraeg!) Then when the first person has finished, the second person does the same. I think its supposed to be a weekly arrangement, often on skype.
I have not done it yet but I think this is the idea. Hope it helps :blush:


yes it does, diolch yn fawr :smile:

How did it go, Richard?

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I perfectly understand the idea, but just can’t imagine how ti really works.

To be honest I’m frightened of this stuff even if I tried to do some chat in Cymraeg on Skype (however failed entirely) and I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back into it when I finally buy me a new computer. …

Well this for I’d really like t hear from someone who did that how it really went. …