Theme based meets


Just want to assess opinions and gauge interest in the following

Theme or activity based weekends/meets

My idea is to have weekends or evenings based around a topic eg
A zoo visit
A murder mystery
A visit to a particular castle
A restaurant
Etc…all ideas appreciated.

We’d have vocab to learn ahead of the event and then use it over the duration of the event.

What do you think. If a group of four or more were interested i’d be happy to progress it further.



An interesting idea, opens up a large number of possibilities.
The murder mystery would be great if we could get the cast of Y Gwyll to pop along and do their all moody and windswept thing!


SO wish I could come! I think this is a brilliant idea!

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Dwi meddwl mae’n syniad da. Dw i hoffi yn dod dibynnu ar ble/pryd.
Dwi ddiddordeb holl, ond fy cyntaf dewis coginio

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Hi Sally! Great to see how well your Welsh is coming along… :slight_smile:

One little thing - we try to keep to English in the forum, so that all our learners (even absolutely beginners) can feel part of the community - we do have a thread for practising Welsh at Be' 'dach chi'n gwneud rwan? A phethau arall yn Gymraeg - A topic to practice Welsh, open to all! :slight_smile:


Indeed. I found this awkward at first. If in doubt, quote the translation also.


It’s a natural thing - we’re a Welsh course, people want to practise their Welsh - and we’re pretty unusual in asking people to stick to speaking/listening, and to stick to English in the community - so I think it’s particularly important for us to explain what we do and why in a clearly friendly manner when people try bravely to use what they’ve been learning…:slight_smile:

We never feel that people using Welsh are doing something wrong - far from it! - so I hope this hasn’t come across like that to you, @sallyannmayger :slight_smile:

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I’m sure it hasn’t. :slight_smile:

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My thing would be history I think … the history associated with a particular location, e.g. town, village, or part of a city. Could tie in with a visit to a castle (or a museum, or gallery).

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I think this is an excellent idea. I live in Llanidloes and would like to get some theme based activities going which are led by a native or fluent Welsh speaker, but not found anybody yet.