The word for forgive

I’m doing old course three and we are introduced to the word for forgive. In English I don’t use that word much unless I’m being overly dramatic. Do the Welsh use it more? Where in English I might say ‘that’s okay’, in Welsh would I say ‘I forgive you’ as a matter of course, or would I sound a bit dramatic?

S’mae PollyPolly?

Saying mae hynna’n iawn is fine. You’d use maddau for “forgive” only when you mean to use it!



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that was quick, thank you

My very staid Llangadog mamgu used to say “Maddau Mawr” as her strongest expletive. I always assumed it referred to God’s promise not to send any more floods and was, therefore, slightly blasphemous. :smile:

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On my screen at the moment, this topic is coming directly after ‘Arguing in Welsh’! :slight_smile:


I think I’ve heard “maddau” in soaps, but then they do tend to overdramatise a bit in soaps, don’t they?

Ah of course, it’s in the Lord’s Prayer isn’t it, maddau inni ein troseddau.