The SSi Growth Club

So, time to follow on from my post a month or so ago:

As I said then, we need to try and build some more momentum - to be able to publish more, and more quickly, in both Welsh and Spanish, and to start producing courses in more languages.

We’ve got the technical set-up more or less as it needs to be, so…

Introducing - the SSi Growth Club

Over the years, many of you have been kind enough to ask if you could give us some more money - and we’ve always said no (perhaps a little unwisely!).

So now you can.

But we’ve been trying to work out how to make it good for you as well as for us.

Here’s what we’ve got so far (and we’d warmly welcome any further suggestions).

When you go to your subscription settings (click on ‘Learn’ up there, then your name on the top right, then ‘Subscriptions’ from the drop-down menu), you’ll see 3 ways to become a founder member of the SSi Growth Club - £10 a month, £20 a month, and £50 a month.

Please do NOT join the SSi Growth Club if it will cause you any financial strain.

If you can manage it, here’s how it will play out:

For SSi:

We’ll use the income, first of all, to pay for some of Jeff’s time, so that he’ll be able to move on quickly with the mastering for the Welsh and Spanish lessons that are otherwise ready to go. This will lead to an immediate increase in publication speed for everyone :sunny:

Then, we’ll throw our main efforts into using the almost entirely ready course creation tool to build Level 1 for another 15 to 20 languages - this will be seriously accelerated if we can afford to pay translators and recording artists.

If there’s anything spare after that, we’ll be talking to copywriters to try and help get the message out more successfully about our Spanish course (and the other new courses), and to keep on adding more and more new languages.

For you

We know the people who will support us with this are the people who unselfishly want to help the SSi method reach a wider audience - and we love you for that.

Even so, for our own peace of mind, we want to find a way to give back to you.

So here’s the plan: starting when we get back from visiting friends next week (unless we can squeeze in a quick five minutes this afternoon, fingers crossed!) Catrin and I will be recording a short weekly conversation on a subject in the news. It should be really valuable extra listening work for our £10 a month supporters, and we’ll lay on a transcription and a translation for our £20 a month supporters - and we’ll invite our £50 a month supporters into a weekly video hangout to ask any questions, or talk about the topic, or anything else they’d like to talk about! :sunny:

We’ll also give all our Growth Club members access to everything SSi publishes, for ever - every language, every level. Your existing subscription (I’m guessing almost everyone who joins the Growth Club will already have a subscription, although of course you’re welcome if you haven’t!) will continue to run - we need the Growth Club to build on where we are already, not to replace it - but you’ll never have to pay a penny beyond that. Even when we’ve got courses with multiple levels selling for £100 or £200, you’ll get access to everything without paying any extra.

A little twist in the tail

I’ve been told not to do this.

But I know the people who’ll support us with this genuinely love what SSi does - and I feel very strongly about you in return. I believe this is the group that will get us over our current loss of momentum - and I believe that once we have 15 or 20 new languages, we’re going to see a new level of growth for SSi, and we’ll be able to throw our energy into promoting Welsh and trying to build courses for every language.

So, as soon as we can afford to, we’ll start cancelling Growth Club payments - starting with the first people to join and working through in order.

But when we cancel your Growth Club payments, you’ll still be a Growth Club member - and you will remain one for ever, with access to everything we do.

You’re going to be a small and exclusive club - but together, I think we can make some real changes to how languages are taught - and to the future of Welsh… :star: :star2:

Learn -> profile name -> Subscription. And: diolch yn fawr IAWN. :sunny:

P.S. Don’t read this bit - it’s just me thinking aloud.

In my imagination, we’ll one day have enough cash flow to be able to push on with all our projects - and to do some fun things to say thank you, more than we can promise at the moment. I’m thinking of parties, or maybe even holidays in Wales - or perhaps even Monte Carlo!

But one thing’s sure - our Growth Club members will be at the head of the line for everything we do… :heart:


A simple question: If I now go for (let’s say 10) will I be able to push on with changing plan and go for 20?

Only if (when) I die or get in really bad financial shape as far as concerns my membership … :slight_smile: Even if I’d be so desperate and want to stop learning I won’t want to “go out” of the club.

Like your thinkings …

Oh, and I’d say this needs a pin … (this thread I mean)


@aran I have now joined the SSi Growth Club, as a member while I’m currently still in post-move budget mode!

But I’ve also noticed that my polyglot plan is also still active. Is this normal? Will I pay for both??

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I have never in all my life come across a more decent enterprise than SSiW. I truly mean that. The whole concept of the Growth Club is brilliant, and a great deal for contributors as well as helping to spread this fabulous method to more languages and more people, which I know is the passion of the SSiW team. I am so sad I really do not have the money to commit to this at this time, but I hope with all my heart that big things happen for SSiW - you all deserve it so much.

**Should I happen to have a big lottery win this weekend the cheque would be on its way!


I got the impression from Aran’s initial posting that whatever we paid at the moment by way of subscription would carry on just the same, in addition to any Growth Fund payment.

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would there be the option to send a cheque for a years subscription.

Cheers J.P.

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@faithless78 this is quote from @aran’s above post.

So, yes it is normal …

You got it right @mikeellwood

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Excellent idea. Very happy to join.


Learn -> profile name -> Subscription.

I’m struggling with this, it just goes all Spanish on me and I lose the plot

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@Aran I’ve hit a problem too.

I clicked on the link to join the £20 plan.
then filled in my card details, etc, but it was showing a £zero amount.

And when I hit the “subscribe” button, it came back with “no plan found”.

I tried it a couple of times, but it was the same.

EDIT: I just tried again, initially selecting the £10 plan.
When it goes to the next page, it has the £10 correctly set (not zero).
(However, I didn’t actually subscribe to that; hopefully you will fix the £20 one).

(Selecting the £50 plan also comes up with a zero amount).

Edit2: Underneath what should be the amount, it has “every undefined undefined”
(instead of “every month” as it has under the £10 page).

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Hmm…it looks like I’m having the same problem as everyone else. I’ll try and subscribe at the £10 amount and see what happens.

Edit: I signed up for the £10 plan, and it looks like it worked. I’ll upgrade later, when the issues are sorted out. :smile:

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Ahh yes! I think I just glossed over that bit as I was reading at speed! Does dim ots!

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That’s actually what I was my question: if it would be possible to upgrade later on. I’ll wait for my question to be answered and then decide what amount to subscribe for the beginning.

@aran, @kinetic (???) the isues are here to be solved. :slight_smile:

(sorry, not pushing, just tagging so you could see … )


Congratulations, I think opening the growth club is such a wonderful idea:) I’m new here and have onle completed 7 lessons of Welsh so far, but I hope I’m welcome to the club too. I think you’re doing a wonderful thing and it’s very pleasant to feel part of a friendly community.

And this part is just thrilling:)


Three things:

  1. Gav - yes - existing subs stay the same - sorry, that’s in the middle of a block of text in the initial post:

Your existing subscription (I’m guessing almost everyone who joins the Growth Club will already have a subscription, although of course you’re welcome if you haven’t!) will continue to run - we need the Growth Club to build on where we are already, not to replace it - but you’ll never have to pay a penny beyond that.

It means that existing polyglot subscribers are going above and beyond the call of duty - right now, I can’t figure out a way to tweak that apart from just to love you all a bit more :heart:

2: Argh! Yes! We clearly have an urgent problem with the £20 and £50 option - and it means the world to me that so many of you found that out so soon! I’ve emailed Ifan, and will text him too, and hope that he can help fix it even at the weekend. He’ll post in here when/if he can :sunny:

3: The big one. I was incredibly nervous posting this. I know I don’t often sound like a very nervous person, but this stuff really takes me into a challenging area - because part of my lizard brain thinks it looks like money-grabbing.

Consciously, I know we’re not off to the Bahamas any time soon…:wink: And I know that what we really want from this is the chance to do more work! So I’m very confident about what we’re trying to do - and yet I still had some voices in my head that were afraid that some of our learners might think this wasn’t the right way to do it.

So to come on this thread this morning and see you all validating this idea and offering so much love and support - well, I can’t put into words how much it means to me (and putting stuff into words is pretty much what I do…;-)).

Everyone who’s posted in here - you really, really mean the world to me. To us.

You’re giving us wings :heart:


I’m not sure if the current system would allow it very easily, but we could certainly find a way around it even if we had to do it manually - so effectively, yes :sunny: :star2:

Gav, I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. But please don’t let it cause difficulties for you, seriously.

Ruth, your kindness and support means the world to me. Good luck with the lottery!..;-O

John - yes, we can do this - it’s a little fiddly, but it’s a very generous offer. So yes, and diolch yn fawr iawn iawn :sunny:

Thank you so very, very much, Anne :thumbsup: :star2:

Argh! Sorry for the headache. It sounds as though the system is misrecognising you as one of our Spanish learners (although the profile stuff should still be the same).

Could you maybe try 'Learn -> Click on SaySomethingin in the top left, or the drop-down arrow next to it -> Choose ‘Welsh’ -> Click on your name in the top right hand corner -> Click on Subscription? And if that doesn’t work, let me know at which point it got confusing. And thank you so, so much for your support :sunny:

As per my previous post - really, you have no idea how much this kind of comment means to me :star: :star2:


Great news - Ifan, who to be fair is not usually all that much of a Saturday morning kind of guy, thinks that the £20 and £50 options should now be working. :sunny:

If any of you beautifully generous potential £20ers would care to put that to the test, it would be genuinely wonderful :heart:


I was originally intending to sign up at the £20 level, but because it wasn’t working when I tried, I put myself down at the £10 mark. Would there be a way for me to upgrade?

Thank you so much, Karla!

Right now, I think the only way would be for you to cancel your £10 (I haven’t seen a screenshot for that, but I presume if you go to Subscriptions it should be clear and obvious) and then do the £20 one - alternatively, hang on until Monday and we’ll get Ifan on the case either to do it for you (if he can, depending on the payment provider) or to double check that the cancel/restart thing works properly for you :sunny: :thumbsup:

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This is the way it could work, why not? On my previous question, I’d be satisfied with this option too. …

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