The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread 🗺

Where will I find the SSIW map of members

3 Likes - under FAQ in the top bar.

Didn’t you ask the same question in another thread the other day?

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By the looks of she did, but hopefully she will find her answer by this one.

It is sometimes difficult to find your way around sites if you are not used to them. I know I can find internet sites rather daunting myself, when people assume you should know how to “work” them, as it were! But hopefully mary_Worrall can find what she wants from your link!


Thank you very much. Your replies have shown me the way so hopefully I will have a play around on the site and find how to use it. I have felt very isolated as I could not get used to the new site.

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I’m not sure who needs to look at it, but the links to Sionned who updates the map and to the thread for leaving her a message need to be updated. They both just take you to the ‘Choose a language’ home page.

I’ve fixed the link to the forum - diolch! - but I can’t see a link to Sionned - am I missing something? :sunny:

How do I get myself on the SSIW map?
To get on the Google map, you just need to send off a quick message to our angel Sionned or post in this thread here, in either case saying where you would like to be put on the map.

In the FAQ number 7, it has a link to Sionned’s member page which doesn’t work.

Ah, gotcha - not the map page, but the FAQ page on the secondary navbar - diolch :sunny:

Linked it to this thread instead :sunny:

Bore da - I still can’t see how to go about contacting Sionned to be added to the map, so hopefully if I leave my information here she’ll see it! I live in St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand - looks like I’m one of four SSiW users in that city.

Also, can anyone tell me what the difference between the pointers and the martini glasses on the map is? my guess is that the glasses are native Welsh speakers, but that’s only a guess.

As far as I know, the basic pointers are people who have signed up for the lessons, whilst the champagne glasses are people who are paying money.

Is it possible to search for members on this site, if they haven’t posted on the forum? That seemed to go hand in hand with the idea of the map. And the names seem to be the ones from the old site.

Sionned does not seem to be as active on this site as she used to be, so I don’t know if anyone is keeping the map up to date.

This is certainly not a complaint, just a statement that the map doesn’t seem to be playing as large a part on the new site as the old, so it isn’t kept up as much as it was! All the hard work done has to be rationed out in the most effective way, as it were!

(For what it’s worth, I never got back any answers from enquiries or advertising our group to people through the map, so I’m not personally that worried about it not being of use in that way any more. [I’d often find I’d been sending info or adverts to people who hadn’t logged on the site in years!] Other peoples experience may vary, of course!)

I don’t think Sionned has seen this thread yet, so I’m going to email it to her, and then it’ll be easier for people to message her (and she should get alerts for the thread as well) :sunny:

You are all right - I haven’t been as active here (because I haven’t been getting the e-mail notifications I used to with the old forum, which reminded me to look in!). But a few people have contacted me directly and I have updated their pins on the map. It is a bit of a mash at the moment, because most of the names are the old forum names, and many people are using different (mostly “real”) names here. Now that we have a specific thread for this, perhaps we can get it back up to snuff. Here are a couple of suggestions for people -

  1. If you are on the maps under a different name than you are now using and you would like that changed, please let me know. If you want the location adjusted at the same time, let me know that, too!
  2. If you are not on the map at all - just let me know (either here or in a PM - private message) that you would like to be added and where to put you. If you just say, for example, “I’m in Shrewsbury” I will just put a marker somewhere in that city. If you are more specific than that, I will get as close as I can. If you are less specific, I may be WAAAYYY off! If I can remember to keep reading here, I will get back to just picking up on people’s mentions of where they are…

OwainLurch is correct about what the different pins mean - or meant, anyway. Since the beginning, the basic pins were just anyone for whom I have a location and the cocktail glasses were for people who were paying members - moving on past the first course. That was based on the fact that we had a special area in the old forum for the paid members that included a “lounge” with a virtual bar that had a lot of silly stuff going on sometimes. There are also special icons for Aran and Iestyn (a kind of flame) and for the “angels” (suns). At this point, I don’t have an easy way to tell if people are paying for the courses (unless they mention that they’re in an upper level or something) so that distinction may stop being useful.

I will take care of anything I get as quickly as I can (though I’m a bit busy lately …) If I don’t, feel free to poke me! :blush:


And thanks, Aran!

Hi Sionned - if you click the circle at the bottom and change it to the blue circle with exclamation mark (‘watching’), you’ll get notifications about this thread.

Thanks for the speedy reply Sionned. When you get time to add a few more tags to the map, I’d be a new one (I haven’t been marked on there before) - I’m a standard (non-paying) Welsh-learner in Norfolk Street, St Clair, Dunedin, NZ (south end of the city, not far from the beach, if that makes it easier to find!). Diolch :sunny:

Ah yes - Dunedin is a lovely place. We didn’t get down as far as St. Clair (I don’t think) but the whole country is just so beautiful! (The Welsh Choir I was in did a tour in NZ in 2011 - and we sang in Dunedin.) I’ve put you on the map - if it needs adjusting any, just let me know. (That goes for anyone - even if it’s just “move it two houses north”) :sunny:

Hey, Sionned! It’s lovely to have you back on the forum! The new look has really made a difference already, in all sorts of ways - it’ll be great to see this thread growing again!

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I am in Cairnbaan near Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland. I am Henddraig (Jacqueline).

It’s certainly a great place to live… though I’d like to visit Wales again someday (I haven’t been there since I was a very young child). Thanks very much for adding the marker - da iawn! (it’s close enough - I actually walked past the spot where the marker is a couple of hours ago! I’m a couple of hundred metres north, opposite the end of Sandringham Street, but - as I said, definitely close enough). Diolch :slight_smile:

(later) - ah - I can look out the front window of my house and see a giant blue pointer directly outside :slight_smile: Diolch yn fawr iawn!