I hope its ok to post here:
BBC Newsnight starting in a few minutes BBC2 (Wales?) 09.08.2017:22:30 is plugged as being about the Welsh Language Act. I’m not sure if it will be available on I-Player, later.

Also, last night I happened upon Bae Abertawe TV broadcasting a Welsh News programme Newyddion. It was slightly cringey, but ok with my eyes closed. Only available near Swansea. Has anyone tried it?

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Shwmae John!
I haven’t seen the news, but I have read a lot of reports about the scrapping of the Welsh Language Commissioner, and the work of which trannsferring over to the Welsh Government, which may be what the news story was about. Apparently a new “White Paper” on these and other changes ahead of the ‘Million Welsh Speakers by 2050’ campaign were announced at the National Eisteddfod yesterday.

As for Bay TV Swansea’s Welsh content, I believe there are a couple of programmes they broadcast each week in the medium of Welsh, including a news programme (which may be daily). Living near Cardiff, and this channel not being available on Satellite services, I don’t receive this channel, but they do stream some of their shows on YouTube after airing - particularly their ‘Today on Bay TV’ programme (which is usually in English unfortunately). In Cardiff we have ‘Made in Cardiff’, which is available on Sky channel 134 across Wales bizarrely (since they have a North Wales version also which isn’t available on satellite). However, we are deprived of any Welsh language programming on our Local channel, unlike ‘Made in North Wales’ which, like Bay TV Swansea, do have one or two Welsh Language programmes available.

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I didn’t see Newsnight - and after seeing this article this morning, probably just as well.


I watched as much as I could bear before turning off.

It’s starting premise “Is Welsh a help or a hindrance?” was poor and it went down hill from there.
The pro-Welsh interviewee seemed incredibly nervous and unprepared. It felt like a set up.

I did see this item but, as a long-time admirer of Newsnight, I found it a very disappointing and inadequate piece of journalism.

First of all I found it far too short for such an important issue.
Evan Davis in the chair was being hurried, trite and dismissive.
The choice of the “supporter” of Welsh Language was ridiculous. She announced that she knew the basics such as “Bore Da”, the colours and numbers. Her enthusiasm for Welsh had clearly not, however, led to her investing any time in building on her school Welsh. Worst of all her giggly demeanour made Julian Ruck, whose views and persona I find objectionable, emerge as the most cogent and persuasive debater.

Even if it is on i-player, you would miss nothing by ignoring this item and saving your blood pressure. Thanks, however, @JohnYoung for bringing it to our attention. :slight_smile:


Fascinating - here 134 is S4C!!! That is probably true everywhere outside Wales! I had thought you’d have S4C on 104 and maybe Channel 4 on 134, but clearly not!
re-getting rid of Commissioner in favour of Commission and Senedd Government ruling - not sure. It may be needed to counteract UK Tory machinations.

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Regarding the white paper, either I fell off to sleep half way through the article :wink: or it was indeed very short. As it happened, while we were waiting, we switched over to the local English language news, which seemed to cover the subject in equal or greater detail in advance of the Newsnight sound bite.

Regarding Swansea Bay/Bae Abertawe, I found it interesting. This was mainly just because its forerunner/sister radio station used to share a building with my previous employer: the local authority highways lab. We spent all day compacting samples of soil, tarmac etc with heavy rammers, so hopefully they had some decent sound-proofing. They didn’t stay long, although that might have because they got sick of me hanging around in the hope of bumping into one of our local celebs.

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Funny, I had never thought of Evan Davies as a Welshman, but with a name like that, he ought to be.

Not that all Welsh people are supportive of the language, of course.

While all that was going on, did anyone see any coverage of Dygwr y Flwyddyn? i have totally failed to find anything but reports, nothing live in all my recordings from yesterday or today, so far!

This is correct - Sky channel 134 is S4C in the rest of the UK, and 280 houses S4C HD.

In Wales, S4C is on 104 (unless you have a HD box, then it is on 280 in place of the HD channel), and Channel 4 is on 117. 134 is reserved for local TV, although at the moment Made in Cardiff occupies it for the whole of Wales. Whether or not that will change in the future to accommodate Bay TV Swansea and Made in North Wales remains to be seen.

Typically bad journalism from the (these days) egregiously awful Newsnight. :confused:


Saw the Newsnight segment about the Welsh language last night and was pretty disgusted at the way it was done.
Apparently someone has set up a petition calling for an enquiry into TV coverage of the Welsh language. Does anyone know where it is?


Excellent, signed it. Diolch yn fawr.

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i signed it too! And finally found Dysgwr y flwyddyn! It was covered this afternoon hours after it happened in the school last night!


Yes, on Radio Cymru. Did it say that she is from Northampton (perhaps not) but has a Carmarthenshire accent? I also noticed her giving SSiW a plug.

I met her briefly today at the Eisteddfod and said a quick llongyfarchiadau . I think she is from Warrington (or somewhere else that starts with a W) Yes she does have a good Welsh accent

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Born in Cambridgeshire, raised in Hertfordshire, lived in Warrington after meeting her Welsh speaking partner, Arwel, and found a Welsh class there! Back in the day, it was hard enough getting a ‘quorum’ for a Welsh class on Gower, I never thought it would be possible to learn in a class in England!