Tasen i?

I know we are discouraged from looking at vocabulary lists but I am curious for an explanation.

level 2 challenge 17. If I were you,tasen i’n ti.
if you’d … taset ti’

is it some sort of ‘if’ version of conditional tense for bod ( (ba)sen i, (Ba)set ti etc)

Could you say…os byddet ti

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yes, this!

You’re not the only one to wonder though! Here are a couple of other threads (there are even more) that will help -


Diolch Siaron, that has been a great help. I will just stick to tasen I for if I were (to do something)

so: Tasen in’n ennill y loteri, baswn i’n prynu rhywbeth


almost - taswn i’n ennill y loteri, baswn i’n prynu rhywbeth
(the taswn and baswn echo each other, so you’d also get taset ti + baset ti, tasai fo/fe/hi + basai fo/fe/hi, tasen ni + basen ni, tasech chi + basech chi and tasen nhw + basen nhw :wink:)


You could, of course - but you shouldn’t. :wink:



Just reinforcing this by saying that in the old northern Courses (probably Course 2) they taught the pattern:

Taswn … , mi faswn…

which for some reason stuck, and still sticks, in my head.

It’s “faswn” and not “baswn” in that case because of the “mi”, which in this case does not mean “me”, but is a “particle” indicating that it’s a positive (i.e. affirmative, and not negative) sentence.

You could leave out the “mi” and use “baswn”, but I liked the rhythm of the “taswn…, mi faswn…”, which is probably why it sticks.

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I agree.

Let me correct that for you…

so: Taswn i’n ennill y loteri, baswn i’n prynu rhywbeth ENFAWR I NICKY

Looks perfect now :wink:


Sen i’n ennill y loteri , bydda i’n brynu i ti crys pel droed enwog fod ti’n gallu’n adio i dy gasgliad di.

ydy hynny’n ddigon o enfawr i ti???

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I have just done these modules and I don’t understand them, even where the word ‘tasen’ comes from.

Tasen is the ‘if you would’ tense - often it goes in a pair with ‘would’ to create sentences like:

I would go, if you would go too

If you said that, I would be very disappointed

There are lots of variants and ways to spell each of them (but which all mean the same thing) - some have a ‘pe’ in front of it representing the ‘if’

Rich :slight_smile:

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I have done an article each on os and pe in the new one. They’re quite exciting.

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