Taro post

Brigitte and John “Maynard” on Taro Post now! They’ve already named checked SSIW. This is a real joy to listen to and encouraging/inspiring to learners everywhere…Will post podcast later on:


Sgwrs difyr. Da iawn Brigitte! :seren:

O, a John hefyd, gwych…:star:

‘What’s your best tip for anyone listening to this who wants to learn Welsh?!’

Wel, errrr, if they’re listening to this and understanding it, apparently they don’t need any tips about learning…:wink:

Heard John and Brigitte this morning- just before we set off to go skiing! We had a lovely day here in Esquel, in the foothills of the Andes. Yesterday it rained in the town and there were blizzard conditions on the slopes, so no skiing. Looking forward to coming home to summer at the weekend, but have heard there might be storms. We are just back in from visiting some Welsh classes, but left before choir practice! Dinner calls, it is almost 9 pm.
Also heard that Joella has won Dysgwyr y Flwyddyn. Well done to her.

We had a lovely day here in Esquel, in the foothills of the Andes.

[Struggles with envy.]

Sadly, Taro’r Post for yesterday still isn’t showing up as iPlayerable, for me anyway, yet:

(Or was it possibly on the previous programme, O’r Maes, @Kim/@Dinas? - At 175 minutes, that’s a bit more of a needle in a haystack job :slight_smile: )

Someone at the BBC has forgotten to post several programmes from yesterday…Can’t even get todays Post Cyntaf with Joella either.
Just sent a message to Taro Post asking if they can put it online…

Diolch Kim.

we enjoyed the slot on taro post. We were chatting in maes D and the presenter arrived looking for learners. It was quite relaxed and the interviews were held outside on the veranda. I sort of lost the plot a bit but hey it was a good experience. This year I stayed in my tent on the Maes Carafannau. Got to chat to lot of people there so well worth the £110 for the week.
Saw Nia Parry in maes D and had a nice chat with her too. Well the weather has been really good and I came home yesterday evening after stopping off in Oxford for a look round ( fantastic place).

Good news: they have now made Taro’r Post for Wednesday (6th) available on iPlayer. (5 days to listen left)

(I think the interviews with learners starts around 8 minutes in)