Talk to me while I'm asleep (it often works better that way)

I rather love my chat bot:

If you have a question that hasn’t been asked before, check back in a few days and I’ll have answered it… :slight_smile:

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I used to talk to many of my students while they were asleep but, as they discovered come exam time, it didn’t really work :laughing:
Huw from Beinn Na Faoghla / Benbecula


I recall this bot was once more interesting to chat with. Now it only says "Not trained to answer this question… " I can’t imagine what it’ll answer if I’d put a real sirious question into the conversation.

So, it’s stil better to talk with you while you’re awaken. At least answers make sense. :smile:

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Really? There should be more stuff in there now…

I might sign up. Maybe it’ll take me more siriously then. :slight_smile:

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As well as the same message Tatiana got, I also got “I am not trained to respond to this. Send your message to Aran directly” and “I tried my best to answer. Why don’t you send Aran this query?”

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It couldn’t answer any of the questions I asked, so I randomly started pressing on the suggested ones. Then after a series of don’t knows I finally got “I think you broke me! Request Aran to respond and join in this conversation?”
Hmm! I think I’d better leave it alone now…

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I saw what you (maybe) did there! :slight_smile:

Siri is the “robot” voice-question-answering thingy on iPhones.
I don’t have an iPhone myself, but someone showed it to me in action recently.
Quite entertaining in its way. :slight_smile:

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Helo Huw,

Are you learning Gaelic by any chance (or perhaps continuing to learn / practice it)?
I’m sure you are having fun there, in any case.

Umm, well. To be honest, I didn’t know this as I don’t use iTechys :slight_smile: Nice to know. :slight_smile:

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I am swopping words a lot but not learning much :smiley: - eating far too much - lots of craic :smile:

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Ugh - oh, sorry - it seems to be behaving far less well than it used to… :frowning:

Naughty, naughty bot!!! :smile: