Tacsi in Shropshire

Really excited yesterday to see a Shropshire registered Hackney Cab, with a local number plate, driving around the County with Tacsi written all over the side and on one of those light up things in the roof! Even more exciting, it didn’t cause any second glances… Small things but it made my day


In Wrecsam yesterday I saw ‘Hoffi Koffi’ above a shop in Queen’s Square…I wish I hadn’t, but the staff were very receptive to learning Coeso and Diolch


This sounds like that siop would be mine (but it isn’t of course) as I “whout out” all the time HOFFI COFFI! (oh I really must be addicted to it) :slight_smile:

Looked at the photo again, It is actually ‘Hoffi Koffee’ no better though, or should we applaud jokey shopnames like what they do for fish and chip shops or hairdressers?

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Coffi is coffee no mater how you turn it. We in Slovenia say colloquially “kofe” too. :slight_smile: so the word which is equally understood in any language.

But i’d prefer to be written as “coffi” though, shame it isn’t. :slight_smile:

Definitely applaud, I think. It sounds the same when spoken, which is the important thing.