Sut mae pawb

sut mae pawb. Bob dw i.a dwI’n byw yn Llanelli. fe.i cyllwnwyd i SSiW trwy @aliC .Mae hwn yn brofaid cwbl newydd i mi ,a dwi’n ddim yn da iawn ar y cyfrifiadur. Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu cymraeg am biti pedwar mis nawr.ond dwi’n dal ar level 1.Mae eisiau i fi ymarfer mwy achos does dim llawer o hyder gyda fi.dwi’n falch bod yma o diwedd . Hello everyone ,my name is Bob ,and i live in Llanelli.I was introduced to SSiW through @aliC.Its a new experience for me,and i’m not very good on the computer.I’ve been learning welsh for about 4 months now. but i’m still on level 1.I need to practise more because i dont have a lot of confidence.I’m glad to be here at last. HWYL


Croeso Bob, I am glad you finally got around to joining us! Keep on keeping on, you’re doing a GREAT job!
Don’t forget Clwb Clecs on a Monday where you’ll get even more practice and encouragement!


Croeso yma @robert-conners.

You’ve just come to the right place. We’d like to know it all - when you do extreamly well and when there’s something on your learning path that bothers you and makes you stop. If you’d go to Clwb Clecs like @aliC is suggesting you’ll get your confidence to speak so go ahead.

Also, if something doesn’t go well forum related or you have a question, you just ask. However here. I hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Sounds as though you’re doing superbly, Bob - don’t be hard on yourself! :star: :star2:


Sut mae!! :slight_smile:

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Croeso Bob,
Pleased to meet you. Good that you have joined this really friendly and helpful forum.
Do go along to Clwb Clecs, I have never been but have been following the group and it sounds great. I have often wanted to go as Monday is good for me. I have only stayed away because I am worried about the parking. I will probably make it one day?!
Enjoy your learning :nerd_face:


Paid â becso amdana fe, Bob. Don’t worry about it. Bob. You’re doing great! There is no time line to finishing, unless you’ve set one for yourself. I’m in Lefel 2 and I’ve been learning since Feb/March. The sentences you put together are impressive. Keep attending the Cymraeg meetups and speak in the wild when you can.


diolch dude, thanks for your kind words of support and encouragement .ive even started watching pobol y cwm .

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diolch aran ,look forward to learning with everyone.

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helo ann.diolch for your reply,hope to see you in clwb clecs in the near future.

Shwmae Bob, fi ddim yn gwybod ble mae’r sgwrsiau yn Llanelli, ond os ti moyn, byddit ti’n croeso i ddod i Gydweli i ymuno gyda ni pob nos fercher yn y Fisherman’s am awr bach o 6.30. Dim ond sgwrs yw ef gyda ni, pob luc, Byron

Parking is ok opposite or in thr Roland Ave, estate just around the corner.

Ok thanks John
I’m going into town over the weekend, so I will check it out. :+1:

“Still” on Level 1… That’s great! Everyone should practice as much as possible - which is always limited as we all have lives to live!
Pretty much everyone on this Forum has gone through, or is going through, the first stages of learning, and the first level often takes longer as it’s all so new. And everyone learns at a different rate: that’s normal.
I’d say you’re doing fine, and just carry on!

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