Sunday politics wales

Dafydd Elis-Thomas was on the BBC today talking about the language. This was a really interesting programme on the Welsh language and I look forward to viewing your opinions.
It starts 39 minutes in and deserves a view…It really does!!!

Hi Dinas. I’ve just listened to that clip and found it very interesting. He seemed like a good, sensible bloke.
I really must do some work now though! Looking forward to seeing you all back at the pub on the 16th of August. Are you going to the Chichester meet up on the 26th?

I’ve listened to some of the programmes that Radio Cymru has been doing on the Scottish independence debate - obviously some people are looking to Scotland as a possible example for Wales to follow, or are at least taking a particular interest in the debate.

Someone - I think from the SNP - in a short clip in English, said that she thought Plaid Cymru, by concentrating so much on the language, had perhaps missed out on some of the wider political issues.

In other parts of the programme, I think they were interviewing what sounded like Welsh “exiles” in Scotland, and it was fun to hear fluent Welsh being spoken with a gentle Scottish accent. :slight_smile:

Diolch Kim. Will definitely have a listen to that. I remember reading an article the other day saying that he thinks that Welsh language campaigners are too negative, so I’m guessing that it’s related to that?