Submitting the petition, update!

I have been advised not to leave it too long before sending the petition to the Secretary of State, but then I get sudden rushes of added names and leave it ‘just a little longer’.
I have decided on 100 days, which I think means submitting on about February 24th, unless the signatures dry up before then. The other petition is still in the 2000s, so not rushing out of sight!!
If any of you have any contacts with groups like St. David’s Societies, Chapels etc anywhere outside Wales and you haven’t told them about the petition, please tell them now!!!


Nobody has signed for a few days now. I think I’ll send it on February 1st.
BBC are asking over 75s to pay the License Fee. If that went to local services, I might think about it, but since mine would not go to Scottish programmes, but into the London pot, next year I would choose to contribute to S4C. I think I’ll write to the Chairman of the BBC and to the Controller of S4C and to the Secretary of State to tell them that, suggesting to S4C that an easy way is set up to let 0ver 75s send money to them!!!


I wonder if they will end up making it subscription to watch online content as well. People like me that don’t have a TV and don’t pay a licence fee can still watch a substantial amount of TV online if we want to. I wouldn’t object to paying a subscription if it went directly to S4C to support their programming and development of more brilliant series.

How do I sign the petition?

Go here

Thank you. Unfortunately I can’t sign as I live in Wales! Is there a similar petition for people in Wales?

I believe you can sign. You don’t need to submit the comment. It goes for funding the most …

I don’t think that’s a good idea actually Tatjana. It reduces the effect if it’s shown that people inside Wales have been signing it too. There is another petition that people in Wales can sign. I’ll just try and find it.

Here it is:

Yup. You’re right, I’m sorry. So follow @Deborah-SSi’s link @Y_Ddraig_Las.

@Deborah-SSi and @tatjana
Do you think I should edit out any signatures on the petition that come from Wales?? There are some but I haven’t counted them.
Another person signed today!

I would leave as it is now.

No one can really govern who’d sign the petition actually and I look on this matter a bit differently - as a support of Cymraig people to us who are not living in Cymru. I believe it’ll also be taken as such though. And there are not so many signatures of those living in Cymru that it would really reduce the effect I believe. That’s what I actually had in mind posting 2 posts ago although @Deborah-SSi is kind of right too. If there would be too many signatures of people residing in Cymru it could have reduce the effect which I think they are not that many to be edited out.

But, as always, this is only my humble opinion and suggestion though.

Diolch! I was hoping you’d say that!!! :smile:


38 Degrees

Mobile-friendly - 38 Degrees campaigns are chosen and led by our millions of members. This is reference … They support many worthwhile causes and have lots of experience. This address will take you to website and you can see. Hope this is helpful

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Well, we’ve got the petition running already, but diolch.

I think Sandra had replied to comment made in another thread as a result of my mutterings about the BBC asking those aged 75 and over to pay a voluntary license fee. I wanted S4C to set up a way for me, when I reach 75, to pay them instead and Sandra mentioned 38degrees as getting things done. However, many of you outside UK have said you are willing to pay a subscription to S4C and none of you pay the UK TV license fee, so that thread isn’t really relevant.
p.s.I had one morning off line because I had to go out and am finding zillions of comments here to read!! How do you keep up??? (And I haven’t done any of a Challenge today, Draig ddrwg dw’i!! :wink: )

Adding to the above. I had sent e-mails to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and the Select Committee, also the Chairman of the BBC and Controller of S4C. I got an e-mail back from the Select Committee thanking me and telling me they’d look out for and discuss the petition when it arrives and also telling me that the Welsh Affairs Select Committee is discussing media, so I e-mailed that Committee too. All this on both the threat to S4C and the BBC’s begging letter to over 75s!!!
@Deborah-SSi Interested?


Today I received the following from Shane Murray on behalf of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee:

Thank you for your interest in our inquiry on Broadcasting in Wales. We thought your letter raised a number of interesting points on the impact of S4C outside of Wales.
We will circulate your letter to the Members of the Committee and we will publish it on the Committee website as written evidence.
If you are interested in reading more about our inquiry so far, please visit our website here:

@Deborah-SSi I thought you’d like to know that I’m stirring a few pools!!


That’s a much more positive reaction that the “This is a Wales matter” response I was expecting.

Well done! :smiley:


That sounds positive - da iawn ti!