Stand Yp - Elis James

I’ve tried to watch comedy shows before - both live and on S4C - but I often find I miss the punch line, or they refer to things I don’t know about and I don’t understand the humour.

However, I’ve been watching Stand Yp with Elis James on S4C and it’s great. He actually speaks quite clearly and does a great job of mimicking other accents.

It’s available internationally on S4C Clic for the next month so worth a watch.


I know you’re probably a long way ahead of me on this, but sounds like a good one for the email… :wink:

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I had quite a lot already in this week’s, so I’m planning to include this next week. It will still be available for a while. :slight_smile:


And if you enjoy the TV show, he’ll be in Caerfyrddin live very soon - appearing on the 26th January in The Lyric Theatre

Noson o Gomedi Cymraeg gyda Elis James a Ffrindiau


I saw this show at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival last April - when he was still reading it off the scraps of paper and receipts he was talking about…

… then a few months later at Aber Arts Centre where it was near its final form :slight_smile:

If any of you can get to the aforementioned show, I would recommend it - as the show we saw was about double the length of the S4C version :smiley:

@Deborah-SSi What I enjoyed with this one as well, was hearing all of the place names I actually knew! And heavens forbid, lived quite near to! Llanboidy, Ffostrasol, Plwmp, Llandysul!

Whilst I knew that Aberystwyth was the town of lecturers, academics and Brummies - I was not quite aware of how “high-brow” it was looked upon by our more southerly friends :D:D


Yes, I enjoyed that aspect as well - especially Ffostrasol where I go regularly, near to the “metropolis of Llandysul” :smile:


“there is an A road connecting with Plwmp! I can trade freely with Plwmp” :smiley:


I actually burst out laughing at that - one of my highlights!

Just downloaded this and am about to watch it :slight_smile: (I do love having a week day off)

That was hilarious!!! I can’t make it to Caerffyrddin that weekend but I will be keeping an eye out for his shows.

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And the Cockney Welsh! :slight_smile: and the Gog-speaking cockroaches… :slight_smile:

(But hey, I know where Bagillt is! - know someone who used to live there too). :slight_smile:


Sorry have to ask, what does Hambons actually mean? I kinda got it from context but Emma wasn’t sure what it meant either.

Bit like ‘country bumpkins’… :slight_smile:


It’s a south-western thing in the main. Townies might use it as a kind of insult, but there are country folk who wear it as a badge of honour - see the extensive musical work of the Welsh Whisperer (not to my taste musically, but a good introduction to the pop-culture of rural Ceredigion/Carmarthen/N. Pembs).


Diolch :slight_smile:

I saw it again on twitter today in response to a tweet from the Welsh Whisperer, funnily enough


This made me laugh out loud! Icing on the cake - used the word hambone today :joy:
I keep saying ‘Paid agor y septic tank, Dad!’ to myself and laughing.


Elis’ show was great. I saw him in Ty Tawe, Swansea, not on this tour, but his previous tour.

As a professional English-language comedian, Elis is the most well-known Welsh-language comedian, but there are a number of others who gig now and again yn y Gymraeg:

Steffan Alun:

Phil Cooper:

Dan Mitchell:

Dan Thomas:


Don’t forget Tudur Owen!


Well, I went to see him tonight in The Lyric in Caerfyrddin and he was great.I probably understood 80% of what was going on. He’s a Carmarthen lad so there were lots local references and it was a fundraiser for his school so there teenagers, parents, teachers and ex teachers. He can put on a good show. If you get the chance to see him, go. Ewch!


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Y lyric yn llawn dop heno -

Ellis James - ‘Bron i saith cant o bobl yn Gaerfyrddin i wylio comedi Cymraeg. Saith cant!’

The Lyric fully booked tonight -