SSiWer on Radio Cymru - Aled Hughes show ;-)

Well, it happened to be me, interviewed by Aled Hughes in the show today.
It starts about 14 minutes in, right after Adwaith’s song!
And of course, besides Datblygu, SSiW got a mention. :grin:

I know I did a few mistakes (as usual…heh) but it was great to realize that I felt way more confident - no matter how it’d go! :sweat_smile:


Yn dda iawn iawn. Brilliant!

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Diolch! :slight_smile:

Newydd wrando - mae o’n fendigedig! Llongyfarchiadau!

I’ve just listened and it’s wonderful! :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr Catrin! :heart_eyes:
And of course diolch eto for providing the right method for me to learn! :wink:


Da iawn, Gisella! Wnes i fwynhau clywed hanes dy daith drwy’r iaith. When we met last summer at Sain Ffagan, it didn’t occur to me to ask you about it. Very interesting!

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Diolch! :slight_smile: Glad you enjoyed it and glad that I said something that you hadn’t heard before! :smiley: I think we all focused more on the recent achievements and arholiadau, Garth Newydd and Nant Gwerthyn, in that occasion?

Indeed! It was my first trip to Cymru, and there was so much to take in. I hope to spend more time at Sain Ffagan on a future visit. I intend to follow in your footsteps, and those of a few other SSiWers, and take adult A-level exam in Wrecsam in June 2025. After that ordeal is over, I’ll stay on for a visit.


Ah yes, that’s the well deserved prize after the exam! :wink:

Just a side note, I actually sat the CBAC - WJEC exam of Dysgu.Cymraeg courses not A level.
This is this year’s details I received from them some time ago (now registration are closed) - although I’m not planning to do it again, once was enough for me! :sweat_smile:
uwch-2024.pdf (330.6 KB)

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I think it’s the same exam, just different terminology. :slightly_smiling_face: