SSiW Tech On a Page

I know lots of people are a bit baffled with all the different “tech” components of learning Welsh with SSiW. When I started I didn’t even know that some things were available, but I’ve grown to know (and love!) them - it just took a bit of time to get familiar! :slight_smile: So I thought a little summary on one page might give others a bit of a head start. I hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:SSIW Tech on a Page.pdf (186.7 KB)


That’s a great overview, @Cetra

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Thanks for that just downloaded app on phone.
Didn’t know it was available

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Hi. Am trying to record on Clyp. When I press “upload a clip” I only get the option to upload - I don’t get the big “record” button. Any ideas? see below a screenshot of what I see…



Thank you so much! I’ve just started and didn’t realize there was a Welsh speaking practice area on Slack apart from the tutor-led sessions. Or that we could see the old as well as new versions of the course. Some of that is for the future, but I’m saving this guide.

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