SSIW mentioned on Radio Cymru today

I got in my car at 13:45 today after doing my first mini accelerated session of Levels Challenges 1 to 3. As usual I had Radio Cymru on. Usually it is just incomprehensible noise but today there were lots of people talking about how they were trying to “siarad Cwymraeg”! I thought my brain had been transformed as I could actually understand half what they were saying! They even mentioned “Say Something in Welsh”! Sadly I figured out they were all learners like me when later on the programme went back to its normal incomprehensible DJ style and I was lost once more. But it was so encouraging that one day I might understand and speak Welsh! Dwee eishau trio siarad Cwymraeg! All thanks to SSIW !


The programme I mentioned in my last post was on Radio Cymru at 13:00 today (12 Jan) and is called Taro’r Post and seems to be all about “Duski Cymraeg” - so would be well worth listening to, especially if you’re a bit further along than me in the learning process as you might understand it better! You can listen on the webpage ir via the BBC radio player on catch up.


Dyma ni:

It’s not the first time SSiW has been mentioned on Taro’r Post, but the more mentions the better!

Diolch Caroline, for highlighting this.