SSiW/Agored assessment

I’ve just spied the SSIW/AGORED assessment link top of this page. What an exciting opportunity for many on the Forum: formal accreditation…I have to say the “Learners Handbook” is clearly and simply set out. I like that!!!

Just tried this link but nothing happens.


Fabulous… When does it start?

(edit: doh! The link is now working and my question is answered there…)

The link to get more details / book a slot that’s in the handbook still isn’t working though -

Looks good, once we can get at it …

Oops, sorry - I’ve only asked Aran today to make the link work - he probably hasn’t seen it yet. Plus, the link only gets you back to the assessment page on this site, which at the moment is the only way of reaching the document in the first place.

Booking won;t open for another week or so until I’m back from bootcamp!

Links are live now…:slight_smile:

Magic, diolch Aran.

It looks like we’re going to have lessons up soon as well (always a bonus if you’re going to test on them!). We have a team of volunteers coping with my recording technique which I’ve just found out was totally suitable for our old system and causes lioads fo problems for the new. Doh!

But solutions have been found, so let production commence. And while we thank people for the obvious work going on here in front of your eyes, I’d like to thank (in a totally inappropriate post!) the backroom team that are making the southern “new” course possible!

Wow I am disproportionately excited about this. Can’t wait to start the new Southern course and do an assessment.

Well, as it happens, challenges 1-3 are now live…

Wi’n hapus iawn!

Well, as it happens, challenges 1-3 are now live…

Gwych! As someone who’s in the middle of C3 South, I’ve gone through around 10 of the new Northern lessons just to get a feel for the new format. It’s really a huge improvement. No longer will our learners only be able to talk Welsh if a young cat in the vicinity wants to play. But I felt almost like I was being unfaithful to you, Iestyn. I was slipping ‘medru’ and ‘gen i’ into conversations. Hearing your beautiful southern “hello!” made me feel right back at home. Aran: mae’n ddrwg da fi. :wink:

Simon. Be fedra i ddeud? [Ochenaid]

Simon, your post made me laugh :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think we are going to meet at Bootcamp in July? I am doing the Northern Course and have to admit to feeling nothing short of Blind Terror at the thought of having to talk to all of you who are doing the Southern Course…

I have listened to some of the ‘old’ Southern Lessons and I totally understand the feeling of being unfaithful… but the other way round!

I just had a listen of the first couple of Southern lessons. As much as I enjoyed course 1 back in the day, I do feel like the newer lessons are actually better. For one thing, they cover things that weren’t covered until courses 2 and 3 in the older course. Hopefully, this means that the old lesson six speedbump is now gone…

Aran: Simon. Be fedra i ddeud? [Ochenaid]…

CMYU! (chwerthin mas yn uchel - I generally dislike LOL but I like my own little version)

Andy: I think we are going to meet at Bootcamp in July?

We indeed will. Don’t worry - my learner friend who will accompany me is doing the Northern course and we rarely have issues. To give yourself a little confidence, you can probably quickly do the new southern lessons. You’ll fly through them, with some minor hiccups where you want to say isio instead of moyn, etc. Edrych ymlaen! :slight_smile:

I will try and fit some in… it will be fun… See you in July!

Don’t listen to him, Andy! Tell them to do the northern lessons to prepare for you!! :wink:

Hector: Hopefully, this means that the old lesson six speedbump is now gone…

Fingers crossed! That’s certainly the plan…:wink: We’ll find out if I’ve got it wrong in any other lessons instead…

:smiley: :smiley:

assessment by agored is BRILLIANT news!! i’ve lost my way lately, been too busy travelling around wales with my new job, but this has given me the kick i need - how exciting!!!