SSi YouTube videos

The regular emails I get from SSiW always include this:
Watch all the SSi Languages videos on YouTube at
But when I go to this, it tells me ‘This channel doesn’t have any content’.
Do you actually have any videos and, if so, is there something extra I have to do to see them? I tried subscribing but it made no difference.

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That is strange. Last year I used to go back to the videos regularly. I have no idea why it now has no content.
Hopefully, someone else may be able to solve the mystery? @nia.llywelyn perhaps??

Try this link,


Ah yes, thanks, that’s better.
The link in the mail sends you to ‘SSi Languages’, which is empty. The YouTube channel is actually ‘SaySomethingin Languages’.

I’ll tag @CatrinLliarJones so that she can check the newsletter emails and amend the link


Diolch for the heads up! I have amended. :smiley: