Speaking to the hen gi

Hi all, I try to practice as much Welsh as possible on the hen gi. The poor animal doesn’t know what’s hit him!

Does anyone know how you would say the following when speaking to a dog? -

  1. “Good boy”
  2. “Let’s go”
  3. Shall we…?" (as in "shall we go for a walk?)

Diolch yn fawr (and Gizmo The Dog has asked me to say “thanks for nothing”!)

We’d say:

‘Hogyn da’ for ‘good boy’.

'Tyrd ‘wan’ (lit. come on now) for ‘Let’s go’.

‘Beth am’ for shall we - eg ‘Beth am i ni fynd am dro?’ :sunny:


Diolch, Aran – lightning quick response!

Phonetically, is “hogyn” pronounced “hoggin”? And is “tyrd” pronounced “tu-rr-d”? And “wan” to rhyme with “lan” as in “Calon Lan”?

Fortunately, I know how to pronounce “beth am”!

(Not that Gizmo The Dog would know the difference!)

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Helo Gavin,

I’m pretty much the last person to give pronunciation advice, but I hear “tyrd” as “tee-rr-d” in several songs I’ve heard. (“Meillionen” by Big Leaves/Elin Fflur comes to mind). I’m sure someone more qualified will come along to confirm/deny and help you with the rest. :slight_smile:

Have fun with Gizmo!

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Hopefully he won’t think you’re offering him Häagen-Dazs.


Yup. I’ve heard the same.

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Looks like it’s a contraction of “rŵan” (=“nawr” in gogspeak), so basically yes, possibly with a shorter vowel sound.


Ha, ha! He’s so crazy about ice-cream that if I offered him Haagen-Dazs, he wouldn’t even mind the offer being made in Welsh!


My dog Soot copes with “tyrd 'wan”, "'mlaen ‘wan’, and “dewch i ni fynd”. I like “rho dy bawen i mi” - good for drying if it ever gets a decent response😉. “Paid !!!” is always handy.

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I was wondering if it is ok to use Welsh with an Irish Setter :smile:


Aran, I used bachen for boy and tended to just call my bitches ‘fach’, so: ‘bachen da’ or ‘Trikki fach dda’. I still say ‘fach dda!’ or ‘Toffi dda’ and use ‘paid’ a lot!! I say ‘come on’ rather than ‘let’s go’, but not in Cymraeg!! (I only know ‘dewch’ which is a bit formal!!) I never say ‘shall we?’!!! I’d use ‘nawr’ for now and I say ‘nawr te!’ so often that my dogs get up at the sound of it, knowing it means something is going to happen, like food!!

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Hoggin, yes. Tyrd you’ll hear as Anne says, ‘tee-rr-d’, but you’ll also hear ‘tid’ - and ‘wan’ is a contraction of rwan, so a shorter vowel than in Calon Lân… :sunny:

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I’ve realised that I use “'ma nawr!” (from yma nawr) for ‘come here’, but if asked, my current 14 month toy poodle would say I make ‘nawr’ sound very fierce but she doesn’t take any notice as she knows I can’t make her come!!! My Cavaliers were much better behaved, save one who really was a bit lacking in a lot of ways, but brilliant at stalking, catching and killing!! (Not typical Cavalier activities!)

I use ‘dere ma’ with my Corgi. He usually responds promptly unless something more interesting happening e.g. squirrels!


Ah, yes, I should have added that none of the Welsh we use actually works if there are external influences…:wink:

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None of any language does, I believe. When our dog decided he’d do things his own way he just ignored us and that was all. :slight_smile: I could speak even “dog” language to him but nothing would change :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Little adjunct here, I met a lady whilst out with Soot this morning and she asked what was the language I spoke to him. She asked me if I was Welsh and I told her I was Anglo Welsh but trying to be bilingual. She asked me if I had a house in Wales ( we live in rural Cheshire), saying that she had a lovely house on Pen LLyn. Now, we’re the odd sort of people who just live in one house :smile: I could feel a bit of Meibion Glyndwr coming on but dragged it back by asking her to please say ‘bore da’ when she met people around her other house. One can but hope :smile:



Good man. Conversation by conversation, we can do this :thumbsup:

I can so identify with your feelings of ‘Meibion Glyndwr’!! Having moved to N.Wales over five years ago and trying to learn the language since then, I somtimes find irritation welling up when I meet English people who live here that have made no effort to as least greet in Welsh or to pronounce place names!!

As to siarad efo fy gi, mae o deall ’ i fyny’ when I want him to jump in the car, he’ll come rushing down the stairs to ‘mae’na rhywbeth yn y cegin i chi’ and to praise him I use ‘mab da’!! - OK I know it means ‘good son’ but he is a very important member of my family!!


Hehe … our dog just heard car door open and he was at the car. It wasn’t neccessary to say anything at all. The language of the sounds I presume … :slight_smile:

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