Spanish pricing - confused?

I have finally run out of lessons and would like to continue but the pricing is very confusing for the Spanish lessons.

If I select lesson 16: I have a choice of £10 for the next 1 session or £10 for the next 5 sessions.
But if I select lesson 1 of the tourist course I have again 1 session for £10 or £49 for 10 sessions or £50 for 20 sessions.

Also if I go over to the welsh part of this site, there are all sorts of other options for those learning welsh - such as subscriptions and the growth club. Is there a reason why these options are not available on the Spanish part of the site? The Welsh part of all this seems a lot cheaper, for a lot more!

I am def not complaining I love SaySomeThingInSpanish - I just wondered, the Spanish at £10 a lesson seems very expensive to me (I am sure it’s lots of work), however the subscriptions and growth club seem like a very good option.

Is it possible for me to sign up to either the growth club or a subscription and get the final Spanish lessons for level 2 and then the tourist course or are those payment options reserved for the welsh part of the website?

I am really enjoying it so far and would like to continue but not sure of the best way?


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Hi Clare - yup, we’ve managed to build a fairly confusing set of structures as we try different things over the years, for which I apologise.

The difference started when we discovered that even giving Level 1 away for free (as with the Welsh) didn’t lead to the same word-of-mouth with Spanish - plus we’re concerned to make the Welsh stuff as cheap as possible so that we help encourage as many people as possible to learn.

We’re not worried about how many people learn Spanish in the same way - it’s not under any threat to its existence! But then we run into splits between the tourist stuff and the main course and the truth is it all needs a bit of a clear-out.

If you go to your account - ie click on ‘Learn’, then your name in the top right, what options do you see? If there’s one for ‘Subscription’, and you can see the Growth Club stuff, then you’d certainly be more than welcome to join the Growth Club, and that would indeed give you full access (to the Spanish and to everything else we do in the future). If you can’t see it, let me know… :sunny:

If I click on Learn and go to:
I then click on my name -top right.

The 3 options are: “account settings”, “your payments” and “logout” - nothing else!

Okay, that means we’re doing something ‘clever’ in terms of who gets to see the Growth Club - which we don’t need to be doing, because we’re going to switch the Growth Club off in the not-too-distant future.

I’ll have a word with Ifan and ask him to make the Growth Club magically appear for everyone - with luck, that’ll happen today! :sunny:

What about if you click “your paym5ents”? If you are not paying anything you should see options for subscriptions and payments. There should be Growth club too.

Well, but if you have access to the Welsh site, why not just go there and subscribe from that “corner”? Nothing lurcs there to bite you, believe me. :smile:

“My payments” doesn’t list any payment options on my account. It just shows any invites I have sent and nothing else.

Basically I can either join with the polyglot subscription, which means I’m paying for stuff I’ll never use or I can join the growth club.

Or I can just pay for the Spanish challenges, which seem like a very expensive option when you compare them with the welsh.

I do understand that the welsh side is cheaper for a reason but it seems a shame to me , that I can’t subscribe to 1 language at £3.95 per month for Spanish, like you can with welsh.

Sorry, further confusion here. The Growth Club subscription area is under Subscriptions, and Subscriptions only appears on the Welsh side of the site. If you go to the thingy in the top left and choose Welsh, you should then be able to see Subscriptions in the menu on the top right. And you can then safely go back to Spanish afterwards :slight_smile:

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Yup, that’s what I have in mind …

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Aran, I attempted to subscribe to the growth club tonight and got a message that the card type was not accepted. I was attempting to use an Amex. Do you accept Amex? Thanks, Garrett

Hi Garrett - our payment provider should indeed accept Amex. What was the exact message?

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Hi the message it received is this “Billing info number is not an accepted card type”

Interesting. Do you get the little Amex logo alongside the other card types? It looks like this for me:

(Just wondering whether the payment provider is doing funny things based on where you’re physically located or something.)

Otherwise, I know the message specifically mentions “card type”, but just since I lack other suggestions for now - please double-check that you’ve entered all the information correctly and in the right places. One possible pitfall might be that the CVV for Amex is the four-digit code written in small letters on the front, not the one on the back (even though there are three digits on the back too, which is somewhat confusing). Sorry if you know this already - I just don’t have any other ideas at the moment :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Yes, I see the same thing you do with the Amex logo. No worries, I’ve double checked the accuracy when I enter the information. It may just be my location as you suggest.

Whereabouts are you? We’ll want to try and drill down and make sure we don’t have a regular hiccup happening here… :sunny:

I live in Florida.

Ouch - so there’s no way that should be a location issue.

@kinetic - Ifan, could you follow this up with Recurly and see what they say? And be firm with them - it’s an SLA kind of thing, because potentially it’s stopping a lot of payments…

I was pondering my thoughts about this one … Might it be tha the system would accept those 3 digits at the back anyway? Did you try that @garrettpless? I believe you have nothing to loose with trying. Or you’ll get the same message again or you’d be proccessed and payed successfully.

Just thought. I don’t hold AMEX. If I would I’d test this for myself. I said I’d upgrade to 20 anyway so this would be the perfect time. :slight_smile:

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Could you try it once again with your Amex card please? Just want to see whether something I just did has fixed it.

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@Kinetic whatever you did appears to have worked. I signed up for the £10 Growth Club.


Me too , having just paid £10 for lesson 21 in level 2 , I then read the forum about the Growth Club so joined that too! May have just paid twice for lesson 21? Doh!

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