Spanish pricing - confused?

Garrett, thank you SO much - hugely appreciate it…

Oh, I do hope not - I’ll ask @kinetic to check that on Monday, and we’ll get a refund processed for you… :sunny:

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@aran no problem. i appreciate the effort in the lessons produced on SaySomethingin, I would have joined the growth club earlier but wasn’t aware of it until I checked this thread. What a great way to learn. I am enjoying it.

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@aran, @Kinetic I’ve got an idea (yah, I’m always full of them. - LOL). Could it be possible that “Really useful stuff” would be pinned thrugh the whole forum? I mean through the whole categories. I know it’s posted in Welsh/General/Questions one but there is many stuff useful for user of other categories too, and I encountered quite many times recently that although in Spanish or Other languages category there are not many visitors those who are some of them use only those categories comming to the forum from learning page rather then directly to the forum.

Well, just a though (but sorry if it appears too annoying …) I just want to help as many people as I possibly can but am not too familiar with the software itself regarding coding, moderating/administering though so my suggestion might be totally impossible to come true.

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Refund done! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Thank you very much for this, appreciated.


Quick question, now that it looks like all the other payment issues have been ironed out :smiley:

What is the difference between the ‘Polyglot’ subscription and the ‘growth club’?

The Growth Club is for supporters who specifically want to help SSi grow as fast as possible, and reach out into new languages - it’s not going to be open to new members for all that much longer, because we’re getting close to where we need to be on that front.

The polyglot subscription is for people who want access to all courses without being members of the Growth Club.

The key difference is that once we get to the point where we no longer need the income from the Growth Club to keep adding new courses, we’ll be stopping Growth Club payments, and leaving all Growth Club members with permanent access to everything we do.

By contrast, the polyglot subscription will probably always be there in some form or another… :sunny:

My should be life long …

Thank you for the thought, but no, the plan is very much to stop them as soon as we can manage without them, and leave GC members with full access for ever (which is why we’re not thinking about leaving the Growth Club open to new members for all that much longer)… :sunny:

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread but can I ask how to pay for level 2 as a whole? I’ve clicked on level 2 challenge 1 for an idea how to do it but that just offers me the next 10 lessons, I’d like to get them all, so do i just pay for the first 10 then click on lesson 11 and repeat or am I missing something? When I click on my account it doesn’t show me any payment options at all.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yup, sorry, we don’t have a ‘buy all’ option at the moment, so it’s just 10 at a time - we probably will fine tune this at some point, but it’s a lo-fi option for us right now… :sunny:

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@nikkifoster I joined the growth club so I could acces all the Spanish challenges and this gives access to everything (all the languages and all the levels) for £10 a month.

You have to change your language to “welsh” though before you can select the growth club as an option.

HTH :grin:

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Thank you Aran

I’ve just done it in blocks of 10, 10 and 5 so all sorted thanks.

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