Spanish learners of Welsh

I was just looking on Duolingo and the most popular course by far is for Spanish learners of English. Not surprising, but unless there is an error on their site the numbers are phenomenal - 71.4M learners. The reasons to learn English are obvious, but with such a vast number of language learners out there, I wondered if there were materials readily available for Spanish speakers to learn Welsh. SSIW is pretty much set-up to offer something like that I would guess and if I was looking at the market, I would be very interested in those numbers.

I see your point, but frankly I’d rather see more British people learning Welsh than Spanish speakers…

Also, (this might be a total anathema on here and might get me lynched… :flushed:) , but the vast majority of people don’t really give a damn about Welsh and don’t see why they should ever learn a minority language unless they had to for professional, academic or strictly personal reasons.

Spanish is the most popular language for English speakers as well. As far as I know SSiW is the only Spanish language to Welsh course.

Yes - not for me, but just thought it was a large number of people to tap into - if 0.5% of the Duolingo numbers subsccribed it would be a very large number. Imagine all those potential learners of Welsh who might have English as a second or third language. Who knows - I was just throwing it out there as an idea.

I think there is a SSIW course for Welsh through the medium of Spanish (edit: or maybe it was Spanish for Welsh speakers I can’t remember) but it doesn’t seem to be listed as an option on the homepage anymore, as there are communities of Welsh speakers in otherwise Spanish speaking Patagonia there would be a demand there for such a course.

I’d love to see a Spanish course through the medium of Welsh, but that’s just me :wink:


There is one, isn’t there? There was one, I know. I recommended it to someone in my local who wanted to learn Spanish. I can’t seem to find it now, though. But I’m sure it is there somewhere!

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I thought there was a Welsh to Spanish as well and might be interested in trying that myself - some people swear by daisychain language learning and it might help my Welsh skills.

I didn’ think there was a course the other way around for the celtoibereans and the rest of the Spanish speaking world.

Here it be:

Ignore the introductory text which talks about English, the lessons really are in Welsh.

I don’t have any knowledge about which version of the course this is built upon (i.e. old style courses or new style levels). @aran would have to help with that


We got going with this, but it got left by the wayside as the methodology developed - but in the next month or two, we should have the SSiBorg ready to start producing English through the medium of [xyz] - which is very close to the work we need to start making the Welsh course available through a lot of other languages - I’m currently thinking 2017 might be the year where SSiW gets an extra 20 or so interface languages… :sunny:

Welsh through the medium of Spanish could be useful for English speakers who already know a bit of Spanish and who want to learn or improve their Welsh, because it would help to reinforce their Spanish, and take English out of the equation. i.e. They would have less temptation to think in English.

Of course, once they got more expert in Welsh, they could then try Spanish through the medium of Welsh. It sounds a bit Alice-in-Wonderland, but I think it could be a great experiment.

I strongly suspect that the SSi Method would be very, very difficult indeed for anyone who didn’t have a high level of proficiency in the interface language - I don’t think knowing ‘a bit of Spanish’ would get you anywhere near a successful learning experience, because you’d just have far too many examples of word/structure mapping that would mean nothing to you…

Hi! Came across this old thread looking to learn Spanish through the medium of Welsh. Any plans to revive this?