Spanish app Beta release

To celebrate @aran’s birthday, @lewie and I have decided it’s finally time to release the new Spanish iOS and Android apps to beta. As an added bonus, the ever productive @lewie is also releasing a beta version of a new iOS Welsh app (which is why I can post about this in the Welsh category!)

If you’re able to help us test these beta versions, please take a look at this document:

For the curious, but not Spanish minded, we’re planning on posting some screenshots soon

Known issues

  • The in app help content is somewhat incomplete in places…

Forget about testing app @theblacksparrow

I said in Spanish forum but my tech soul just can’t rest in peace. I’m on to it to see how it works. YAY! :slight_smile:

Now I’m a bit worried. I’ve downloaded beta test SPanish app and despite it’s said in app FAQ that Tourist course is not available, it’s there and one can purchase it paying in Google app store. Despite it says in the FAQ that payings will be treated as test payings it all looks very real to me. So paying "system obviously works. I also downloaded Challenge1 of Level 1, which it said in FAQ it is available and had to do the same so I only hope it really is only test paying as I already have poliglot subscription.

Is it possible, that Tourist course was available to me for that reason, but had to pay for it anyway?

Next thing: you can check/uncheck whether you download only via Wi-fi or not. When trying to download via mobile data the app reported an “unexpected error,” Dowload was fine when downloading via Wi-fi it all went smoothly.

So much for now. More “playing around” tomorrow.

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This morning while driving by bus to work I went through Challenge 1 of Level 1 Spanish again and adjusted app for the phone to stay active as long as playing page (screen) is visible. However phone screen gone to slumber though. While this function works well in Welsh app here in Spanish it seams it is not. Well, will try once again at some time today when I’ll be in position to do so.

And, one little suggestion (if it’s not too much work and coding involved). It would be very suitable if you could “command” where to store files when downloading. My phone has very limited memory and I’d prefer to store files on my memory card (which is huge for the phone (7 GB)) This way I woud not need to delete files at once and app would stay in track with what I’ve already learnt and listened and what not. If you move files later and then move them back and refresh the app might loose the track of your last played lesson, what did you already played/listened etc. At least that’s what happened to me in Welsh app a while ago when I mooved some lessons to memory card and then mooved them back. It’s quite possible this changed in time until now.

I also had some app crashes but those could quite easily happen with “illegable” actions done such as going to settings while lesson ws playing and switching back and forth the function which prevents phone to sleep and similar stuff. There was no warning I mustn’t do this while lesson is played though. The app seamed to crash and wanted me to send bug report (what I did) but it didn’t stop. It remained open.

Playing lesson was fine without any interruptions however when app crashed the lesson didn’t continue exactly where it was stopped before but quite back in time however it didn’t play the lesson from the beginning either.

And, since I’ve spoken about Tourist Course being available despite in app FAQ it says it is not, it plays well and without interruptions. One can purchase the whole Tourist course from the app also (what I did) and have access to all lessons in this course too.

Well, this is for late morning pondering thoughts (we count morning as somewhere to 10 am then it’s a day for us… :slight_smile: ) . More in the testing later on …

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Gosh, thank for all the feedback! It’s very useful.

Payments will be treated as test, so long as I’ve set things up correctly. It also can take a short while for this to take effect. So it’s important to check if the google play dialog says “this is a test purchase, you will not be charged” before confirming the purchase. (I don’t know what it will say in Slovenian though!).

I have checked our Google Wallet account. Your purchases show up, but prefixed with the word “Preskus”, which Google Translate tells me means test. It looks as though you have made test purchases - it would be good if you could double check with your credit card statement though.

The Spanish app is completely unrelated to your subscription. The tourist course is available because I set it up before I wrote the FAQs. The audio quality for some of the tourist lessons is not as clear as we would like, which is the reason they won’t be included in the final version.

Does this keep happening for you?

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I can’t think of any illegal actions in the app, but if there are any it should prevent you doing them without crashing. So I’d class this as a bug of some kind. I’ll have to investigate the crash reports to figure the issue.

I would like to do this, but it’s quite involved. Although many Android devices include removable memory cards, the Android system doesn’t provide a straightforward way to use them properly.

Apps do exist that work with external memory cards, but these are either

  • Written by the handset manufacturer. They know their own phone, so they can do whatever they like


  • The app developer has put a lot of work into using undocumented features of the Android system to work directly with the file system i.e. the removable memory card. This isn’t something I’m keen on doing.

Here’s a blog post where this is discussed in more detail:

If you delete the files from within the app it should still display when you last played the lesson.

Are you moving the files to your memory card and then back again to avoid re-downloading the lessons?

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If it says “Preizkus” or “Poizkus” (Well “Preskus” according to sometimes clumsy Google translation should do to) it’s fine. All those words mean test but I’ll check it out in my Google play wallet what it says to me.

Well, just tested again and it seams to be fine now. However if I navigate out of app but app is still running it crashes when I come back into it. I’ve also sent bug report on this one.

Yes sometimes I do and when I do so the track has gone. But this happened with Welsh app. Spanish one is about to bested in this matter yet.

Don’t worry. This was just a suggestion but thank you. I’ll read this blog to get some more knowledge about this.

And thank you to get my notes into considderation.

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That’s Android for you. You think you’ve quit using the back button, but it leaves the app running just in case…

How are you going back into the app? Using the launch icon, through the list of running apps, or by clicking on the download notification?

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I keep literally app running just navigating away through quick menu (that one you pull it down from top and contains the quick functions like switching Wi-Fi, mobile data, navigations and similar stuff on/off). So the app literally is running in the background and it doesn’t close even if it crashes when I come back to it.

And sometimes I clikd on icon of the running app also.

I’m not sure if I sound understandable in this part as I’m not too keen to terminology of some Android menus.

And, yes it’s Android for me It’s Android system version 4.2.2.

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I’ve checked my Google Wallet and it seams all fine there - it says “Preskus” to me too and the payments are pending. I’ll check my credit card when I come home aswell so that the things would be 100 % sure.

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Now I’ve checked what Google Play store pops out when you try to purchase from the app. Didn’t pay attention earlier but now I did and made a screenshot.

It says:

This is test purchase which you will not be charged for. …

And then additional Google notices about terms and conditions of Google play store and related thingys.

So, one more test successfully done. Everything looks fine and works perfect on paying system end.

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Great, thanks for letting me know


A new Android build has just been published (it should download automatically in the next few hours). No functional changes, but a minor tweak to report more detailed error logs.


Can’t wait to have the time to start testing this … next week maybe :smiley:

You’ll find it great, you’ll see. At least I did. And, it shines in new design website color. I love it really and was happy to test it. It works perfectly fine to me, however I didn’t come to release version yet. Will surely just a bit later. Hardly wait aswell. :slight_smile:

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Well, I’ve downloaded release version and tried that “phone not going to sleep when playback screen is visible” and it still dies after some minutes. It’s not that important for me though, but I thought you might want to know.

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When you say “die” you mean the phone display goes to sleep?

:slight_smile: Yes, of course! :slight_smile:

The app otherwise seams to work fine.

All pending requests for beta testing Android have been set up (but make sure to check that the Google Play dialogs say that this is a test purchase before clicking buy).

That’s 3 beta users we have for Android now, so there’s still space for anyone else that’s interested…