[Sold Out] 2017 September Bootcamp Tresaith. Sept 23-30

Link not working for me :frowning:

Hmm, ok, go to FAQ above and scroll down to the question about the weekly email. You can register there.

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^ Thanks, I’ve found the links don’t work in Chrome so had to sign up with Internet Explorer; unfortunately the link it sent doesn’t work either and when I pasted it into Explorer it doesn’t take me to SSIW!

You’ve lost me there, I’m afraid. @tatjana - could you lend a technical hand here at all?

What do you see when you click on the link? What I see, frankly, isn’t a very informative page, its just a text box where you enter your email address. However, it does work for me in chrome and firefox.

Also, If you follow Iestyn’s instructions on getting notifications you will get an email informing you of all activity on this thread.

Hope to see you at bootcamp!


Hello Iestyn
I am interested in the bootcamp,are there any spaces still available.Diolch yn fawr Bob Westacott

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Yes - we haven;t opened booking yet, but looking at the interest above, I will probably be opening booking towards the end of next week. I’ll announce a date and time here, and in the email next Tuesday, so taht there’s plenty of warning, and then the booking will open on a first come first serve basis.

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Sorry @Deborah-SSi. You’d have to a bit inform me which links you have in mind. Thx. :slight_smile:

I think he meant the link that I posted above for signing up to receive the weekly email, but Bobi says that they are working in Firefox and Chrome so I’m not sure what the issue was. Hopefully it’s sorted now. Thanks for your good intentions, @tatjana

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This is what I get and I believe this is what is should be. I’m using Chrome. I’ve signed up with another mail and I didn’t get any message that I’m signed up for the news, it just switches after a minute or so to introduction of Welsh Level 1. It might be as I’m logged into the site and forum already, however I don’t know if this sudden switch without any message is what is meant to be like.

In Opera browser, where I am not signed in to SSiW, I’ve got the message that I did not confirm the subscription yet what would mean that previous sign up through Chrome worked anyway. Checking the e-mail again I found out that the confirmation post has got into the Jink box instead of Inbox so there are some “old sins” from the past when newsletter went to Jink constantly.

So, whoever wanted this info and thought the thing didn’t work, has to check jink/spam first before concluding that the thingy doesn’t work.

The post which contains the link to confirm the sign up, looks like this:

it contains the confirmation link. Clicking on the confirmation link in Opera browser didn’t provide me with any message that the sign up was confirmed though. Using the same link in Chrome did the same thing no matter was I logged in or not.

But when I looked into my Inbox (yes it was in the Inbox now) the “thank you for using SSiW” e-mail was there

So it obviously works but it givey you no additional messages on the SSiW page, just in the e-mail is what you get.

Hope it helps.

(and now you have two strange beings signed to the newsletter @Deborah-SSi :slight_smile: One is “KnightGhost” and the other is “thoughttalking” hmmmm … (how strange is this world … :slight_smile: )


I’d be keen too

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Right. I’m going to open booking a week Thursday, 29th June. We’ve got enough interest here to fill the week, so it will be first come first serve at the booking.

I’ll open it at 9 o’clock BST to make it a reasonably sensible hour in Australia and the Americas (with apologies for anyone outside of “sensible hour” time zones!)

Could you mention that in this week’s email, @Deborah-SSi? Diolch yn fawr!

I’ll put a booking reference at ths top and bottom of this page on Thursday evening, so that you can get there easily.

Be warned, both of this year’s Tresaith Bootcamps have sold out within 24 hours, so don’t hang about!

And just to whet your appetites a little, here’s a rather nice introduction to bootcamp prepared by a previous bootcamper (who is now pretty much a fully paid up Welsh speaker, btw!)

Bootcamp Guide v2.pdf (2.4 MB)


Just managed to add it in there! The email was done and uploaded last night, but I saw your message in time. :smile:

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Diolch Dee! Sorry about the late notice - I know how busy you are at the moment.

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Hi Iestyn - when you say you’ll put a booking reference on this page on Thursday evening, did you mean Wednesday evening? Hwyl Bryn

No, Bryn - it will be Thursday Evening at 9pm BST. I hope that is early enough for people in the UK to be able to get therebeore bed, but not so early that Australians have to set their alarms for silly o’clock!

Sori, nei di rhoi weblink ir dudalen archebu? Ydy hynny beth o’ch chi’n meddwl pan ysgrifennoch chi ‘booking reference’?

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Hmm, I’m not sure where my head was when I wrote about putting references up, nor, to be frank, what century it was in - pre internet possibly? Sorry for any confusion…

I did of course mean a link to the booking page.

So, to be clear, at 21:00 hrs BST, on Thursday the 29th June, I will put a link on this page what you will be able to click on to book a place on our September bootcamp…

Why didn’t I just write that last time?

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Diolch Iestyn

Croeso Rob - sorui am y dryswch! Sorry about the confusion!

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