So this is really cheeky but

I’m just plotting and planning for my last four weeks of travelling after having had several fantastic months abroad. One of the first things I did was spend a few days with @seren in Belarus, back in March. I had the chance to spend an afternoon with a Cymraes from the village next door to me a couple of months ago in Japan. I’m in South Korea at present, and on Monday hope to arrive in Vladivostok before moving on to Moscow, St Petersburg, Tallin and then on to Helsinki to spend the second weekend of December with one of our amazing Finnish SSIWers. From there I’m going on to Stockholm and in Copenhagen will be meeting up with a fellow pilgrim l met in Japan.

So what’s cheeky about that?

I know there are lots of Europeans on the forum who don’t get much of a chance to speak Cymraeg face to face. Is there anyone who would like to meet up around 16,17,18 December? If you would like to offer me a bed that would be lovely, but is absolutely NOT necessary. I’m likely to buy an interail ticket and hope to be back in London by about 20 December and Cymru by the 22nd.

Just a warning, I will be out of phone and WiFi contact when on the train to Moscow, probably 22-29 of this month.

When I first started planning this trip, probably just over a year ago someone, no longer here, told me I was quite mad. Just to warn you! But he hadn’t met me face to face. Possibly a little eccentric. Feel free to PM me. And if nothing comes if this, I’ll go to Amsterdam between Copenhagen and London.


If you don’t ask, you’ll never find out :slight_smile:



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One for the email, methinks? :slight_smile:


I live very near Hamburg and wouldn’t mind the opportunity to speak Welsh face-to-face! And conveniently, a train trip from Copenhagen to England generally involves a change of train in Hamburg :slight_smile:

So we could do a brief chat over a drink or a meal in the railway station while changing trains, or if you want to spend the night here, something else (e.g. showing you around the city a bit or something). (I’m afraid I can’t offer you a bed myself.)

Sat 16 and Mon 18 December suit me better than Sun 17 December.


I’ll send you a PM.

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If anyone, anywhere else, wants to chat, I hope to be able to visit you as well. Don’t be shy!

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If you are interested in a sgwrs in Berlin, send me a PM :slight_smile:

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Oh I do wish I lived further south and had a spare room which did not involve inconveniencing the friend with whom I share this house. Definitely not cheeky! We have all come to know that you are the sort of person we would be honoured to have to stay!

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On my travels, dear @henddraig, I have kept a list of things to do, books to read, films to watch, next year. You may, or may not be happy to know it starts off like this

Trip to Scotland in March or April
Christine etc
Morag and Richard…

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See PM!

Hi Margaret,
If you felt like coming down to Munich (admittedly it’s quite a long way south from where you’ll probably be, so I’ll not be at all offended if you don’t!) I’d be thrilled to meet you here. I live not far from the city centre and I can offer you a bed too. I’ve completed all the SSIW lessons but have hardly ever had the chance of a real live conversation, so can’t promise anything other than embarrassingly incorrect mumblings :sweat:

But Munich is a lovely city and the Christmas markets will be in full swing if you like that sort of thing :evergreen_tree:


Sending a PM.

@margaretnock was in Hamburg today (18 November) and I showed her a little bit of “my” city - first from the water on a ferry ride and later a bit on foot as well.

The weather was obligingly dry and at times even sunny.

We spent about six hours together all told, pretty much exclusively in Welsh, until I had to go.

Thank you very much for the visit!

I hope you enjoyed your time in Hamburg and that you have a safe trip back home.

(Also, when she asked me “Why Welsh?”, I realised I still have no good answer for that question beyond “I don’t know, I just started listening to SSiW and now Welsh is simply something I do!”)


Oh, I have always wanted to go there, and never seem to quite manage it.

Have you ever come across Udo Lindenberg? He famously lives in a hotel somewhere there. (I assume he still does). He was a big rock star in Germany in the 70s & 80s, though is sadly not the man he once was, thanks (I believe) due to an “excess” of the R&R lifestyle. He made some great albums though.

I believe he still does, as well. I haven’t met him myself - the closest connection is that a coworker of mine told me that his school once got him to send them a couple of cartoons which they included in a raffle to raise money for something.

Diolch am inviting me.

As I’ve said in the ‘Beth dach chi’n gwneud’ thread, I’ve really, really enjoyed my last few days meeting Cymraeg speakers. I thought I might be encouraging them/you but in fact I found you all inspirational. The passion and love for the language and people and country of Cymru from people outside is a real gift and motivation to those of us living there. As I said to @philipnewton today I think that what SSIW offers to people in the UK is splendid and useful but what it offers to people who live further afield is very precious indeed.


It was a great pleasure to be able to show @margaretnock something of the city of Munich. And it was certainly VERY encouraging for a lone Welsh learner in darkest Bavaria like myself to be able to use Welsh in earnest for a whole two days! I can only hope all those angels up there speaking the language of heaven weren’t listening too closely to my mangled efforts. Thank you very much, Margaret - have a safe trip back to Wales!


It is just as precious to those in UK with no expectation of ever coming home again to Wales!