Slowing the speed down, repeating and the pause button?

Hi. Not sure if this is the place for this?
However, I’ve been through level two on the new course and was obviously feeling a little too confident. Finished the lovely (though hard) four lessons for level three and started the old level two challenges. Ok so far until I hit about lesson 15. No matter how I try I can’t get through without slowing the lessons to .9. I find it easier when walking the dogs and keeps the flow going, but I am really frustrated I can’t progress through the next few lessons and have had to return several times as things are not penetrating my skull and I just keep repeating the same mistakes. Moving on does not seem to help here. Any ideas why or what to do? I am losing momentum.
Sorry that’s a real feel sorry for me! What I’d like to know is slowing the lessons a problem and is that why I’m not talking stuff on board? Also how do I maintain enthusiasm when I am in danger of repeating the lessons until I learn the lesson and not the content?

Hi, I’m at a similar place to you, but a bit further along (completed the new courses and now going through the old lessons). I found the second half of the second old level really tough. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but the gaps do not seem anywhere near as long as in the new lessons, I really struggled to get it out in time even when I started speaking straight away.

However, I have let go of all and any perfectionism. Sometimes used the pause button, sometimes not. I decided I just wanted to get through as many lessons as possible before bootcamp (this Saturday!) so I’ve just moved on even if I felt I was getting 80% wrong let alone 80% right! I have found the first 4 lessons of the third level (old) to be easier, but I’ve paused on that now and have repeated some of the new challenges, and am now picking out the final vocab levels from the old course, just to see how much I can do. We’ll soon see how much has sunk in! I know from listening to lots of radio and tv that my understanding is getting much better so hopefully bootcamp will help my speaking to catch up a bit!

So to conclude I’d just move on.

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Thanks that makes me feel I can just move on. I might keep the speed on .9 though otherwise I tend to go into a tail spin!, ha ha! Best of luck with the boot camp.

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So long as you turn the volume up to 11, you should be ok… :slight_smile:
(only joking!).

Serious point though: I asked about slowing it down when I first started, and was strongly advised not to. Pausing, if you have to, is ok. Slowing it down, not such a good idea.

And after a while, I genuinely used to find that the lessons seemed too slow! And occasionally (not always) sped them up). In other words, when you get into it a bit more, it won’t seem so fast. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true, or at least it was in my case.

So, just for clarity - you’ve done Level 1 and Level 2 and what’s been published for Level 3 - the newer material - and then you’ve gone to Course 2 of the old course?

If so, yes, I’d expect you to run into some hiccups by about 15, because you’ll be having some stuff from Course 1 being revisited, and you won’t have covered all of it, so it’ll feel tougher.

But as Kate said - yes, just move on - because if you’re into Level 3 of the new stuff, you’re a Welsh speaker, you just need to get yourself into enough conversations to prove it to yourself… using what you’ve got is your main challenge now, not learning more… :slight_smile:

Thanks I feel more confident in carrying on now. I’m very excited to start the new level 3 lessons published yesterday but I’ll swap back and forth to the old lessons when I get stuck. I find that way I can still do my daily practice but have breaks to let things settle. Must be an old brain thing! Thanks to Iestyn and the south team.

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