Slack help?

I’ve joined two Slack channels the general one and the 6/6 courses as I’m doing the Deep End but my problem is that I don’t really know how to switch back and for between them and end up missing replies and messages. Does anyone know how I can get notifications from both?
I can figure it out on my pc but not my phone.

I feel hopeless, I’ve just realised why I haven’t had video :slight_smile:


Don’t feel hopeless, celebrate the fact that you’ve worked it out - even if that celebration starts with ‘Aaaagh!’ :sunny:

Sorry I can’t help with the phone problem :confused:


Can anyone on the course help out please?

Are you using the app on the phone? My phone is Android and to switch between my two different Slack accounts I do the following.

First press on the icon top left which is alongside the channel name.
Then you’ll see an icon top right consisting of 4 squares.
Press that icon and it should show a list of all the workspaces you’re a member of.
Select whichever workspace you wish to read.

This assumes you’re logged in on the app to both/all the wordspaces you’re a member of. I assume the app for iPhones is the same, but can’t say for certain.


Thanks. I got it.

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I reckon techno problems are cause both of vast majority of panics and also a huge proportion of the “hurdles-(to fluency, self-actualisation, life quality improvement) -and-barriers-(shyness, crippling introversion, alienation, state of the world despair, technophobia, etc) -overcome stories and sagas” in the history of learning via Slack-augmented SSiW!

Such valuable - so many invaluable - jarsful of dried techno-peas!

I partly agree and partly disagree with your statement @lornarhodes. Yes techno problems can be very frustrating, but I think those with sufficient confidence will generally overcome them. Just look at the enormous success of Slack and the opportunities for Welsh conversation and learning it has afforded, despite the technical problems that crop up (with any system).

Equally, I don’t think technical problems actually cause shyness and introversion, those issues will be there to begin with, but they may add to the problem if the individuals concerned are not very technical either - or they might serve simply as an excuse for not proceeding further.

As for panics, despair & so forth, well social media can certainly augment those - but that’s another story as they say, however I don’t think they are caused by techno problems as such.


My bad @AlanP
Specifically my bad sentence construction and inability to solve punctuation dilemmas! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That is meant to be one adjectival phrase [starting with hurdles & ending with overcome] after which I should have closed the double quotation marks …

In total agreement with your sentiments, a dweud y gwir…

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Not sure if this forum is still active, as I see all the posts are a couple of years old, and I only have the option to reply to a post rather than add to the thread - but I don’t understand how to use Slack. Elsewhere on the forum it suggested using Slack to view video recordings for challenges, but all I can see on the video Slack channel is hundreds and hundreds of posts - far, far too many to navigate. I’m a bit late to the game, as I’ve only just signed up, so am on Challenge 1 - but very confused about how to use the forum if it’s still active, or how to find what I’m looking for among hundreds of Slack messages.

Is there anybody out there in 2022, or have I missed the party? :slight_smile:

Slack is very much alive and kicking, but I myself have never seen any video recordings on there. The important bit to get your head around is that each Slack “Workspace” is sectioned into a bunch of “channels”.
If you are subscribed to a structured course (which you probably are, judging by your other post) you should have access to two workspaces: the general “Welsh Speaking Practice” (WSP for short) which is open for anyone, and a special “6/6 support” workspace. Each of those have their own distinct channels, and each channel has its own list of members who participate in them.

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Helo Chris! I’ve just replied to your post in the 6/6 Support Slack workspace, so you’ve successfully found your way in there. I hope my reply helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Deborah - seen and replied :slight_smile:

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