Skype, Welsh Practice

Hello all,
I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding fellow learners to practice my Welsh with. I really need to find people who have Skype since I live in a part of New Zealand where there are barely any Welsh speakers/learners that I know of. If anyone can help me out, please let me know. Learning Welsh is very important to me. I’ve just completed the first SSIW course but have been making attempts to learn for years. Really need regular practice though!

hi Hayden,

I’m in a similar boat to you - I’m in Melbourne, Australia and partway into the intermediate course. feel free to PM me if you want to try and set something up!


Edited to add - I’m doing the northern course

Shwmae Hayden,

So where are you in New Zealand, as I can’t see you on the map? I’m in Northland and would be glad to have someone to practice with either face to face or on Skype. Apart from at the Rugby World Cup, I’ve only met one Welsh speaker in NZ - in Mitre 10 Mega in Warkworth!

Don’t forget about Google+ as a another possibility. There are even some SSiW G+ Hangout users in your part of the globe. Check out the SSiW G+ Community.

Hayden, Alex, if you like, I can add you to the SSiW Permanent Google Hangout if you let me know what your Google+ email address is

Thanks, but I don’t use Google+ so it’s not an option for me. Otherwise I’d be right on it!

Diolch all. Robin, dwi’n bwy yn Dunedin – opposite end of the country! Will try and message you directly on here though.

Hi all. I know this is a long shot, especially as I am in the UK, as time is an issue, but I have a sister in Wellington and we seem to manage, so here goes. I try to have a sgwrs in Cymraeg every day, although it has been with myself sometimes… So if you’d like to add me to your Skype directory, I’d been more than happy. PM me for my Skype details if you like.
All the best!

@Alex: I didn’t use to use G+ either. I only specifically joined in order to have the chance to speak to other Welsh learners. You don’t have to use it as your general “social media”, and can choose to restrict your use of it to Hangouts, which is exactly what I do. It’s free and moderately easy to use. (I’ve had my share of technical glitches with it, but on the whole it hasn’t been too bad.).

(BTW, although Louis mentions email above, you don’t have to use the google email (gmail or googlemail), in order to use G+, although I think that people who already happen to have a gmail/googlemail account can use that to get into G+ directly. I did however, already have a google account (not for email), which I had set up in order to comment on certain blogs, at some time in the past)

@Mike and Louis - diolch guys, have passed on my gmail address and should be joining on the G+ soon. Sounds like a great idea.