Six Nations Rugby Banter and Free Lesson! 🏉

Bore da all!

Well, the Six Nations Rugby Tournament is under way at last and Wales, despite playing under a brand new coach, begun spectacularly with a 42 - 0 bonus point win over Italy. Their next challenge will be facing Ireland in Dublin, which is bound to a nail biting match.

So to celebrate the possibility of a good tournament for Wales, here’s a bonus SSiW rugby related lesson for you -

And from the Parallel Cymru websire, here’s a further, very useful rugby vocabulary resource -


Especially for Wayne Barnes can we have “the ref is stupid” please?


I’m proud of my country contribution to…Wales success in the world! :rofl:


Brilliant many thanks @CatrinLliarJones, I’ve been trying put a list together but now don’t have to! I rather like buddugoliaeth (victory) and cyfergyd (concussion - but hope no one suffers one). Looking forward to hearing the extra lesson before the games this weekend

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You are very welcome and enjoy the rugby weekend ahead! Here’s hoping for good results! :champagne:

Thank you for the extra lesson! It’s hilarious, I’ve been really enjoying myself. Haven’t seen a rugby game in my life but I figure I have to now! :sweat_smile:


I saw a bit of a rugby match for the first time when I went to Wales to practice Welsh for the first time.
It was during the Carmarthen conversation group, with @Deborah-SSi, @margaretnock and @billigog so not main focus!

Then I tried to watch one at home. It all seemed really weird, until someone told me that one of the rules is that players are not allowed to pass the ball forward. Just wanted to tell you, cause it will help making sense of what happens - in case you decide to watch one yourself! :smiley:


It’s the football european cup this summer and Wales are in the same group as Italy… and play them in Rome. Italy have a very good chance of winning that, though hopefully not 42-0 :joy:


yn dwp?

Mae ref yn dwp?

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Efallai, ydy! - dw i ddim yn gwybod dim byd am rygbi!

Efalle fod o’n cysgu…?

Dw i’n meddwl bod e’n ddim yn gwybod llawer am Rygbi hefyd

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Now that is the sort of sentence that still fills me with panic, for several reasons:

First, I am forced to recognise that, on any current review of my potential, I’d make a lousy ref, and surely being a rugby ref, what with one’s words being broadcast for all to hear, ‘n’ all, must be one hell of a challenge as a job/career/vocation…

Secondly, it brings back the joys and terrors of secondary school-teaching days, and being a “midday supervisory assistant” (the sort of “dinner lady” whose work does not involve serving the food)…

Thirdly, reminds me how patiently my innocent confusions were addressed by the (very dear and thus much forgiven) rugby enthusiast who kept me effectively trapped in “my” armchair in the corner of the room, since needing to pass ‘before’ (i.e. the only option) the tv screen during play would elicit howls of complaint… (so perching on a harder seat at start of game, in a draughtier position closer to doors to kitchen and bathroom, was wiser if escape to other activity was likely to be necessary). [This sort of terrorism was time limited & season-specific, indeed “Six Nations-specific” but being on the “pastoral” side of work in a secondary school, he’d mastered the finest art of “grump”]…

Last, but not least, I think you’ve constructed a statement /sentence with negativity in the second half/clause. Negativity in the second half is hard to avoid sometimes, in sport, and yet… I am still very curious, even a year after finishing the 6mws, how it all works in Welsh (and actually, for me, how it works similarly or not, in Irish)…

I wanna say, suspect I even should say, “na” at times…

I’m going to see if this recommendation helps me to clear the intriguing fog in my brain…

[Negative bits - clauses, or whatever, with “that” - keep me in a position of CEO ( ceo = fog, mist :wink: i nGaeilge/as Gaeilge, geddit?!) but it is one of many recurrent mists I’m finding on my travels in the foothills of these two fellow Celtic wonderlands - since we are already talking tongues/teangeacha… though not daring to mention Iwerddon in case I rile and rouse the magic (emailing?) dragon, who has conjured much of this dream though must have been taking a nap last Saturday afternoon or encountered limits to his legendary powers to bolster Wales’s fortunes…]

I am hesitant to offend by making sloppy use of anyone’s mam-iaith, though to me a brat is in one sense a baner, and what could be wrong with a “bratiaith” [new vocab from this forum, & thanks to Collins Gem I now know it means ‘debased language’, whatever that is] if you are flying the right flag, eh?

And in the Other Code (the dark side!!): The Rugby League season has started and the League 1 teams play their first games on 16th February. North Wales Crusaders take on Doncaster at Queensway Stadium, Wrexham, 2:30 kick off.

The Crusaders actually had their first competitive game last weekend (8th Feb) in the Challenge Cup when they played away at Rochdale Mayfield and won 6- 64 - you may have even watch it on BBC Red Button ( its now available on iPlayer)

On Friday 31st January I attended the inaugural Wheelchair Rugby League Awards in Headingley Stadium Leeds. North Wales Crusaders Wheelchair RL were awarded Club of the Year, our head coach Steve Jones was honoured with Coach of the Year ans one of our players, Stuart Williams was nominated for the Wheelchair Rugby League Golden Boot. Although he didn’t win he was awarded the Wales Rugby League Wheelchair Player of the Year.

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I unexpectedly have a spare ticket for Wales v France tomorrow.
Any takers ?

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Thought I’d revive this rugby thread for anyone who wants to join in with some rugby banter. :smiley:

Diolch Catrin, I was going to say how good this extra lesson was and then thought I would have a quick listen first. The first sentence is Cardiff are rubbish?! Shocking, that’s my club! :sob:

They might well be but I’m saddened that I can say it in two languages now :sob:

The rest of the lesson is really appreciated but that first sentence will have me crying into my pillow tonight.

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Helo Catrin! Is the bonus rugby lesson still available? It doesn’t seem to want to play from here…