Sitcom on Radio Cymru (Pontgam) by by Aled P Jones

I was pleasantly surprised to notice the first episode of a sitcom on Radio Cymru:

It’s described as a sitcom, although I think it’s more what I would call a comedy drama.

Unless my ears deceive me (which is more than possible), it sounded as though Philip from Rownd a Rownd was moonlighting as one of the main characters.

I can’t understand all that much of it at the moment, so I’ve downloaded it for further study at a later date.

Not sure if this means there is only one more episode planned:

I checked the end credits and it was indeed “Philip” (Maldwyn John), playing the main character / narrator (in a much more animated style than the Philip Parry that we know from Rownd a Rownd, but with that fairly distinctive voice).

Episode 2 was repeated today (Dydd Sadwrn 12 Gorffennaf)
(1st broadcast yesterday):

On iPlayer for 7 days

Episode 3: Dydd Gwener 18 Gorffennaf 18:15
Repeated Dydd Sadwrn 19 Gorffennaf 12:02

I’m annoyed to have missed the first episode. Gaaah I always come late to the party :frowning:

Glad to see this is back (series 2):

(was alerted by the last few minutes after the iPlayer clip of Bore Cothi featuring Liz. They had included the 1st few minutes of the next programme. ).

I must admit, I found the 1st series quite hard to understand, so I’ll be interested to notice any improvement!

(Stars Maldwyn John, “Philip Parry” from “Rownd a Rownd”, who speaks even more quickly in this than he does on RaR).

Oh, and more drama later on: