Simple question, sorry!

Hi pawb

Quick question, and apologies that it’s so basic…

In the SSIW audio course, for the imperfect tense, I am hearing " o’n i’n siarad…" etc, but the printed Welsh grammar has " ro’n i’n siarad… " with " o’n i’n…" kept for the question form. Is it my ears, or is there maybe a rule or spoken convention I have missed?

All advice gratefully received! Dw i wedi gwneud y cwrs mynediad ond roedd rhaid i fi stopio cyn i fi gorffen y cwrs sylfain, a dw i’n trio dechrau eto.



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Helo Peter,

first let me emphasize that you needn’t apologize for any question, no matter how basic you deem it to be!

You are correct in your hearing. The “grammarly inclined” teach Welsh with three forms: affirmative ro’n i, question o’n i? and negative do’n i ddim.

However, in everyday speech you’ll often hear people using o’n i for affirmative sentences (and sometimes even o’n i ddim for negatives, but not as often).

Just use the forms you are comfortable with, and enjoy your journey! :slight_smile:


Dear Hendrik,

Thank you for answering so quickly and clearly.

Cofion gorau


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Cwestiwn da !