Shwmae/Sumae Day 15-10-2017

Every year there is a day that promotes starting every conversation with “Shwmae” or “Sumae” to bring Cymraeg out into the public more and encourage its use. This year it’s on Sunday 15th October, with some schools celebrating it on either Friday 13th or Monday 16th.

How about greeting as many people as you can with “Shwmae” or “Sumae” on that day? But of course there’s no reason to stop. The more people you greet in Welsh, the more chance you have of finding Welsh speakers!


I think that is for those in Wales! I’d get a few odd looks in Yr Alban and Tatjana would in Slovenia!

Still worth a try though, I reckon…also here in Lloegr.

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Absolutely! Nothing wrong in letting the rest of the UK know that Welsh exists and we do use it!


Apparently 200,000 people in England can speak Welsh, or at least there were in 2004 :slight_smile: