Sheffield Meet Up

Shwmae pawb!
I know the idea of a Sheffield meet up has been discussed before but I thought I’d try to tread the waters again and get one going. Would anyone Sheffield based be up for this? :slight_smile: @Deborah-SSi

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Quite possibly.

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Worth tagging @Deborah-SSi for a mention in the email :slight_smile:

I might make it to Sheffield for the occasional meet up. If you want to come down to Derby (there is a good train service!) we have a monthly Welsh workshop usually attended b 15-20 people. You would be most welcome. See for dates. Also we have our annual One Day School on 28-10-17

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Prepared to try it again.

I would be interested been on the sidelines awhile. Went once to the Hagglers cafe and meet one other newbie couldnt go again due to work but now semi retired I’m up for it.

gwych! glad to see people are up for a sheffield meet-up, when and where is conveniant for everyone? let me get the ball rolling and suggest the Old Queen’s Head on maybe the first Wednesday evening of the month? :slight_smile:

Also I’m keen to try the one in Leeds, when does that happen?

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Where is the Old Queens Head. Unfortunately Wednesday evenings are no good for me.
I do go to Leeds. It’s the fourth Saturday of the month. 12 md to 2/3 pm depending on people’s trains and buses. We travel from York, Sheffield, Chesterfield, and Huddersfield so a varied group. We meet in pub round corner from the Station at The Brewery Tap

Old Queens Head good for me. Work office hours now so it fine. Been thinking of going to the Leeds meet up for some time. Had a year or so off battling the big C so decided to start over again.

Shwmae Rhodri / pawb! Yes, I’d be interested in meeting up. I’ve been meaning to try and sort something out for the past year but I’m far too lazy, so thanks for setting the ball rolling! Old Queen’s Head on a weekday evening works for me.


I am sometimes in Sheffield where my daughter lives. I’m learning Welsh in Bangor near where I live.
I know Hagglers’ Corner. Would the meetings be there? I’ll be in Sheffield in 2 weeks’ time. I’ll keep checking

You will be welcome. Meeting this next Saturday, 28th at the Brewery Tap at 12. We go upstairs.

That is the Leeds meet up at The Brewery Tap.

As yet there are no dates for a Sheffield meet up, the one at Hagglers corner does not meet anymore… Do you go to any meet ups in your area. There is one twice a month on a Saturday at Palas Print shop in Caernarfon.

I live in Sheffield and would be interested .

I’m still up for the idea of a midweek evening meet-up (as suggested by the original poster) if anyone else is? The Old Queen’s Head (at the bus interchange, just over the way from the train station) seems a decent choice and it’s quite spacious so we can hide in a corner if feeling self-conscious.

The Red Lion or Rutland Arms would be other possibilities. There is the Tap at the train station but the acoustics aren’t really conducive, I don’t think (too much chatter bouncing off the walls so might be a bit of a strain to talk in a foreign language).

This wouldn’t necessarily preclude Sat afternoon meet-ups at Hagglers or similar but that would be difficult for me to make (other side of town and I like my sleep on a Saturday!) and, besides, alcohol loosens the tongue!

So if anyone’s up for the midweek pub idea for an hour or two, I’m in.


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If any of you fancy a trip to Derby, the Derby Welsh Learners Circle meet monthly on Saturday mornings. See

Fantastic response guys! Da iawn!
I’m going to go ahead and propose a date for the first meeting and see where we go from there:

8th November (2nd Wednesday of the month), The Old Queen’s Head, Sheffield at 19.00

How does that work for everyone?

Also! I have set up a Facebook page for this meet up:
Don’t worry, this not to take conversation away from the forum at all, just a way of finding out numbers and creating a quick way of communicating if a problem comes up etc

Anyway, please let me know what everyone’s availability is and I hopefully I will see you all very soon!


Is there parking nearby?

Hey Ruth, I was just having a look for you now, it looks like the pub has a pay and display with 4 spaces, and then if that’s full then literally just around the corner on pond street there’s a pay and display with a lot more spaces to choose from, hope that helps!