Sentences Using Personal Pronouns

For those of you who may be a bit more advanced, I have compiled a simple chart to practice making up sentences using personal pronouns. Choose something from each column to make up a sentence.

Click on the link to open the pdf document.

Bod.pdf (38.7 KB)


rob, could you share it? I’d love to see - I’m not sure of the rules re emails on here?

Hi Lydia,
I tried to get a better picture as I made the table myself but failed miserably. I could send you the file via your email address if that’s any use. I can’t share the file on the forum because it won’t allow me to upload an excel file. Sens me a private message so that no-one else will see your email address unless you don’t mind people seeing it.

Hi @RobMorgan

You could do “Save As” in Excel and change the file type to pdf. The forum allows you to upload this.

Rich :slight_smile:

Thanks Rich. I’ll give it a try.

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Done it and it worked. Cheers.

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Thank you, Rob. This looks really useful!