Second hand books up for sale / giveaway here! 📚

In the Book Club thread @lornarhodes has suggested having a place where we could exchange books -

does anyone else here feel they would like to discuss the topic of book exchange, or “pass-the-book-round-the-circle” schemes?

I liked “Am Ddiwrnod” but I’d rather find it a good home or send it round a circle so I revisit it (I mean, it revisits me) intermittently… I buy multiple copies and pass them on to friends who will themselves pass them on. Occasionally a book or two may even come filtering back. I quite like seeing the newness being replaced by the well-thumbed, well-travelled look…

So here it is!

Please use this thread to advertise books you have up for grabs!

You may want to just lend a book, swap it for another or even sell it. Or you may be happy to give a book away for a small donation to a charity of your choice.

Here are one or two tips to make things go smoothly -

  • Always be clear if you are giving a book away or just lending it - I don’t want anyone losing books which have become precious.

  • If just lending or passing a book around as suggested above, then please make sure your name and address as the owner are written somewhere inside the book cover.

  • If offering books for sale, please do not discuss payment options openly on the forum. This can be done safely through private messages. Also consider PayPal for transactions as it is safe and reliable.

  • I would also suggest not displaying contact details openly on the forum.

  • Let’s operate on a first come first served basis for any books being offered, just to keep things fair and always remember that books can also be passed on again if you miss out.

  • When sending books please consider using padded envelopes to reduce the risk of damage. Considering that most books will fit through a letterbox, second class delivery of a large letter up to 500g by the Royal Mail is £1.64 - so very reasonable.

  • Please always state if you are willing to send a book internationally or not. Sending a book to Europe or the States can cost anything from £5 to over £7.

Happy swapping! :incoming_envelope: :package: :mailbox_with_mail:


Wow, Catrin!
You have set this up so clearly and so quickly…

Do you actually have that Fairy Godmother Wand to hand ready to wave it on receipt of requests in late night postings from all the ends of the Earth?

Is it that we are coming up to Pumpkin Season and you have other Cinderellas such as myself to provide transports (of delight) for?

I shall hang on to my fur slippers though!

Lovely! Great idea @CatrinLliarJones and @lornarhodes :slight_smile:
If anyone in Europe has a Ffenestri and/or other books good for beginners to give away/sell and is willing to ship to Italy, please post (or send me) list. I’m interested, thanks!

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Some initiatives have actually tracked books as they move around being lent and left in places to be collected… It can demonstrate the reach of a book, and the frequency of exchange and tripadvisor style reviews and recommendations, but perhaps that belongs to some menter genedlaethol iaith Cymraeg / Cymreig (plîs scuse fi sgwennu o fy pen!) That is an idea well beyond my practical abilities to judge, and I am not suggesting it at all, but by 2050 the million speakers may be playing a very generous and community building version of “pass the book/parcel”/ libraries on Eurorail trains and Ferries (Brittany Ferries cruise of the NEA Archipelago with Welsh-speaking Book Club anyone?

I jest! (I need a better night’s sleep again!) :blush::wink::upside_down_face:

cI want to buy a copy of that Ffenestri book too…

…but I won’t allow myself to do so - not until I have found Am Ddiwrnod which has been read twice and is sitting in a pile called “What do I do with this now?” (one of many)

I would like to find a way to sneak a peek at a Cwrs Mynediad textbook for Gogledd which I really do not wish to purchase without having perused first. I need it for the latter six weeks of this Autumn term, for an evening class, at Birmingham Brasshouse. I may wish to purchase a copy of the newest edition but my experience is that the style of textbook won’t be one I’ll buy to keep. I may be very, very wrong - it may be wonderfully apt for me.

I have four fiction books suitable for learners which are looking for a new home. To keep it simple and keep postage costs down I’d rather give all four to one person. I’m happy to pay the postage to a UK address but if posting further afield I’d like the cost of postage to be reimbursed. There are a few pencil marks and notes in the books but they are otherwise in good condition. Three of the books are written for adult learners, these are:
The fourth book is 'Tisio Bet by Emily Huws which is written for primary school aged children.


Hi Malwen,

I have just completed Mynediad level and about to start Sylfaen. I’d be happy to have your books and pay for the postage if they are still available.


Hi Robert,
Yes, these books are still available. If you PM me your address I’ll try and get them in the post to you some time within the next week.


Anyone want any of these? I can send them if you just pay for shipping (from Finland), or I can take a few to the 10th birthday party :slight_smile:

Edit - English-Welsh phrasebook gone!


I put this post in the ‘bookclub’ thread a while ago without even noticing this thread, so I’ll post it here too since this thread is more relevent!

A colleague of mine mentioned he was giving away some of the books he’s aquired over the years so I asked him if he had any suitable for learners. He has given me some which, although not directly aimed at learners (some are aimed at children though), he thought might be suitable.
If anyone would like one or more of these, just let me know and if you don’t happen to be close enough to Caernarfon to pick them up I’d be happy to post them to you wherever you are.

  1. Chwedlau Gwlad Groeg - Juli Phillips
  2. Storiau Deg Munud - Elina Owen
  3. Cipio’r Cerddor - Hilma lloyd Edwards
  4. Trwy Awyr Wenfflam - J Selwyn Lloyd
  5. Y Saethau Duon - J Selwyn Lloyd
  6. Straeon . dot . com - various, edited by Gordon Jones
  7. Llygad Y Ddrycin - J Selwyn Lloyd


Could we maybe have a table in the corner at the 10th party with “free to a good home” books again like we did 2 years ago? I’ve got a fair few magazines again and I might even buy a few copies of some of my favourite “stori sydyn” books to leave there. @CatrinLliarJones

eta … Or maybe at some other point over the weekend??


If you want to take them to the party but can’t carry them you can post them to me and I’ll pay the postage. Hawddy pawddy. :wink:


Aww, thanks! I’ll see how my packing plans go (I’m having to think about it because I might already need to take some of my uni stuff with me in the summer :stuck_out_tongue:) and let you know then. In the meantime, if anyone’s interested… :smile:

They’re good books. The lower, thinner ones are great for beginners and the thicker ones for a bit more advanced. Fairly simple language since they’re for children :slight_smile:


They’re more S Walian, being translated by Elin Meek, who wrote the Mynediad text book I was using back in the day. You can’t believe how excited I was when she was my oral examiner for my last exam, Uwch, about 4 years ago. Matilda was in my bag at the time.


Hi Siaron, do you still have any books? If so can I take a look?

Hi, yes I still have all those. What would be the best way of meeting up for you to see them? I could bring them into work, or you’re welcome to pop over to my house one evening (if you don’t mind braving my boisterous but friendly dog!)

I’m happy to come round. Can have a chat and panad that way. Would tomorrow work?

yep, great. I usually get home about 5.20, but then I need to feed and walk the dog and I’m usually free then from about 6.30pm - or you’re welcome to join us on the walk - the dog’s getting old so we don’t go very far!

Let me know what time suits you, and I’ll PM you my address (and directions if you need them)

I’m curious, are any of these books still available? This is a really good idea btw :slight_smile: