Hei! Are there any other Scandinavian or Nordic Welsh learners around? I can’t seem to find any meet-up or Skype group for us, but would love to organize something! It’d be so nice to have someone around I could discuss with in my own language/Welsh instead of having to translate everything via English. I mean I can do that too, I was just wondering… if I’m all by myself or if anybody wants to come forward! Hope so! Skål!


Croeso Ingrid! I am not from Scandinavia, but there is a map of SSiWers. Look for a thread called “Please add me to the map…” and there is a link. There may be an easier way to find it, but I’m not the best person to advise you!! There is at least one Norwegian or Swede on there!!
Hope you find him! Jackie (the old dragon!)

We did have a few learners over towards the Baltic at one stage - haven’t heard from any of them for a while - @tygerc might possibly see this (she’s in Finland) - and I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi to put this in the weekly email once she gets back from the Eisteddfod :sunny:

Let’s put some links here: (oh I love to do this … )

The ‘Please add me to the SSiW map’ thread - link to the thread on this forum.
Map of our learners - and here’s the map … um, well, there are 4 maps actually, for the easiest orientation.

Happy searching and even happier founding. :slight_smile:

Pob lwc!


Hi Ingrid!

As Aran said I’m in Finland, so I can’t help with that discussing with your own language :grin: but some Skype chatting could be possible.

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Diolch yn fawr! This helped a lot! :blush:

@tygerc Right, my Finnish is slightly rusty so maybe not the best language match, no :wink:

(Although: mansikka, mustikka, painajainen, mato, napakoru, autokoulun opettaja, kyllä kiitos. And that doesn’t get me very far, does it…)

Also sorry about all the single replies; I’m still learning the forum. Please bear with me!

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Once you get used to this magnificent structure and making of this forum you’ll be confident to say it’s theh owesomest and most smart thing you’ve ever seen on the web. You probably noticed that you can always edit your post so you didn’t need to delete the previous one for example. You can also (as you can edit post) also add some things into the post (but this is most useful if your post is the last one of course).

Otherwise this forum recognizes almost everything on its own. Whatever link you put on it recognizes whether it’s photo, video or just a link and replying to the topics is the easiest thing as is following of them as software always puts you to the last post you didn’t read yet when you revisit the topic or it puts you to the beginning of it whem you visit it for the first time.

Well, as I went slightly off topic this topic might be useful to read especially if you tend to visit forum regularly and don’t want to miss anything at all.

Discourse for the obsessive

And as you’ll see, puting the links is also enabled the most magnificent way. At least I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WHOLE THINGY!

Happy posting and replying and most of all exploaring the useful tips and tricks of learning language(s)


Thank you for the help! You’re all too kind :heartpulse:

I’m usually quite good with forums, but I wasn’t sure if the one I deleted was posted as a reply, so I deleted it just to be sure. (Social medias + social anxiety =/= cool.) I can tell it’s great and easy to use once I get used to it, so I will keep exploring! Thanks again!


No problem. Always glad to help.

This might be of a lot of help too: Forum FAQ

I’d actually recommend to read this to anyone who didn’t do that yet as there are quite some very useful things, "to do"s and "not to do"s. I’ve read it twice and might be the time I’d do it again and after a while again and then again … :slight_smile:

Now back on topic to Skandinavians … me thinks. :slight_smile:

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@tygerc would be your ideal Scandinavian practice partner - her Welsh is excellent. Just don’t disagree with her at all. She has swords.


Hej Ingrid!
I’m Swedish but live in Wales. I have been learning Welsh for some years and am at the “almost there, but not quite” stage. I found SSiW a little bit too late, so I haven’t really done much of the SSiW courses, but still think it’s a brilliant idea. :smile: So if you want to email/message or Skype I’d be happy to give it a go.

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Helo Ingrid!

Jag bor i Stockholm och förstår norska ganska bra. Jag är ursprungligen från England men har bott i Sverige i 18 år. Byddwn i’n wrth fy modd siarad Cymraeg â ti. Jag bodde i Wales i 3 år under 90 talet och talar hyfsat bra, men betraktar mig fortfarande som mellannivå. Jag har lärt mig walesiska i 18 månader och har tillbringat ganska mycket tid i Wales denna sommar med att prata walesiska. Om du vill e-posta mig så kan du göra det på och jag skulle gärna snacka walesiska eller prata om walesiska med dig via svenska/skandinaviska.

Hwyl am y tro.

Men vad kul, @richardmole77! Jag pluggade i Sverige förra året, faktiskt, så svenska är topp. Min walesiska, däremot, är inte, därför att jag inte pratat det med någon förut, men jag skickar dig ett mail! Tack! Diolch! Thanks!

Nice, @sararassner! I am very much a beginner in the sense that I’ve been practicing for years, but I keep forgetting for longer periods, and so I have to repeat the lessons and then I’m not getting any further. Anyhow, if you think you’d be interested still, I’m sending you my Skype and my e-mail in a pm!


Javisst, det går jättebra! Det är lätt hänt att man fastnar i samma spår och då kan det hjälpa med något nytt.

Hey wow, all those years spent at school learning Swedish weren’t totally wasted since I can understand what you have written just fine. I just can’t speak it. :no_mouth:


Wow, congratulations! Da er ikke veien lang til norsk! :wink:

Datteren min fant denne linken. I’m from Norway, living in Wales and have been learning Welsh for some years now.

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A warm welcome to the forum… :sunny:

Diolch Aran
I understand quite a bit of Welsh and belong to a Clwb Darllen,but I have great difficulties when trying to speak .
That’s why I downloaded Say Something in Welsh and am working my way through it.
Great to find other Scandinavians also learning Welsh.
Perhaps we can help a bit to keep the old language alive.
Hwyl am y tro!