Say something in welsh keeps stopping & starting?

Bore da bawb, I seem to be having problems with my alpha beta this morning? It keeps stopping & starting? Ive turned the Internet off & on, tried 3 devices & turned them off & on. Anyone else having the same please? I just don’t know if it’s me. Diolch

It may or may not be the same problem, but if you follow Deborah’s advice on this thread AutoMagic Not Working , hopefully someone can sort it out.

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

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Is it working OK for you now, @tracey-22 ?

P’nawn da Deborah, not really, ive had a test run of my internet, im waiting for Sky to get back to me. It may well be that, thanks for asking, Tracey

Bore da bawb, apparently my Internet is not the problem. Ive tried 3 devices & it’s exactly the same on all of them. I keep having to to pause & unpause after a few sentences? Its not cutting out during the sentence, but is taking ages to keep momentum. It’s driving me mad. I always manage at least 3 hours a day continuously. I am baffled by it. It was working brilliantly 2 days ago. Im at a loss now. Only posting to see if anyone else’s is the same? Tracey

I’ll alert the Tech Team for you Tracey.

Is it the AutoMagic that you’re using? The one that displays the written text as it’s spoken? Have you turned the video option off?

Bore da. I’m having the same problem. I use an iPhone 12 and usually open up the beta, and play through my headphones. But now whenever the screen shuts off the playback finishes, meaning I have to reload each time and keep activating the phone screen so it doesn’t close !! Have stopped using as it’s a real PITA.

That’s exactly what’s happening to me Graham!! Im carrying on, but it is driving me mad. It was fine on Tuesday. Ive even pestered Sky for days blaming my Internet, but its definitely not that. Have turned devices off, on, tried 3 of them, all the same. I don’t want to stop, I love trying to learn, its helped me no end.

P’nawn da Deborah, thanks for replying, ive done all that, still as bad. Thanks for referring the problem. It is Automagic im using. I don’t use the video, but I have tried it with & without, still as bad.

Always nice to know it’s not just you !!! I was really enjoying the continuous learning , often going for most of the day, let’s hope now there’s at least 2 of us struggling something can be done.

I thought it was me tbh, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Not good it’s happening, but like you say, we are not on our own!

While the Automagic gremlins are being sorted out, you can access the standard material (via the ‘Learn’ button on the top bar) to keep you going :slight_smile:

Awww thank you!

Trying to reproduce this, I played using by iPhone 12. What I found is that most of the time it continues fine if I start it and set it down and ignore it for a while. But occasionally, it did go dark, and stop playback. I did find that I didn’t need to refresh, just hit play/pause twice (because when it woke up, it clearly “thought” it was still playing, even though it was paused).
I think the issue is that if the app ever needs to pause to download (the little green indicator will go red when it’s needing to wait for downloads), and that pause is long enough, that can trigger the phone to think that the app has gone idle, and goes to sleep. So, the trick will be to tune the timing of the downloads to minimize the chance of that.

That actually describes it brilliantly. Unfortunately im going to have to ask a friend that would know how to do it. Ill persevere for now. It didn’t do it at all up until last Tuesday, i have no idea how I’ve managed to enable that. It’s happening on all my devices & Unfortunately Google serch hasn’t helped me even find the download settings. Thank you for this, at least at some point i can get it fixed (hopefully) at some point.

Sounds like the program that plays the audio is going into sleep mode. Maybe it’s a problem because it isn’t running in background. I think Deborah 's idea about getting their tech people involved is a good one… Maybe they only tested it on a device which hadn’t powered down the screen to save battery life. It should be easy for them to emulate as do many people are suffering.

Diolch bawb! Just to let you know, everything is working fine now. Thanks for all your help, dw i’n hapus iawn, Diolch!