S4C wants to know your opinion - by Aug 16th

During the Eisteddfod S4C were very active in Maes D (the learners’ pavilion) conducting focus groups and asking learners to complete a survey they are doing to see how they can improve their programming. They are VERY keen to get as many opinions as possible, including those of you that live overseas as they are hoping to expand their international service.

Here’s your chance to give your suggestions to S4C and say what you would like to see. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound feasible - you never know if you don’t suggest it!

The link to the survey is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Dysgu and it needs to be completed before August 16th so only 4 days to do it!

Thanks to those who took part in the survey during the Eisteddfod from Carys at S4C.


Completed. I did mention I’d like to see more new/fresh interviews with learners - like Hwb use to do - and not recycle old footage so much…Obviously, SSiW could shower them
with loads of fresh faces for the screen. :smile:




Thank you, Dee, for making us aware of this. I’ve completed the survey, and asked (pleaded!) for more programming to be available to overseas learners :slight_smile:


When I was talking to Carys from S4C at the Eisteddfod I told her we had a lot of overseas learners keen to see more of S4C so it will be great to have that reflected in the survey responses. S4C are going to keep me informed when they have international material available so I can let everyone know :slight_smile:


The survey will also remind them that they have viewers in England (and presumably Scotland and Ireland).

I’ve just completed a survey also, making all my comments in Welsh as well.


Da iawn ti!

I did all in English though … pointing out much of what I’ve pointed out here about geo-restriction etc. I fear they’ll be too focussed on the area where most learners outside UK live and forget us “lonlyones” :slight_smile:

Maybe I should go out watching falling stars tonight and wish something in this direction too. (regretfully my ability of seing such things are VERY limited though …) :full_moon_with_face: :stars: