S4C Viewers' Evening to be held in London

The S4C Viewers’ Evening will be held at the London Welsh Centre on Tuesday night, 1 December 7.00pm, when attendees can put their questions and opinions to the channel’s Chief Executive, Ian Jones and S4C Authority Chairman, Huw Jones.

Full text accessible at http://www.s4c.cymru/e_press_level2.shtml?id=2905.

As an added bonus, there is an acoustic music evening at the Centre that night also and it should be possible to participate in both events. Available refreshments from the bar include Rev James and Brains SA.


I have to ask … why hold an evening for a Welsh broadcaster in London?! Or is it one of a series (with similar events in Wales) - in which case it’s probably a Good Thing (to show that there is support for S4C outside Cymru).


That was my first though. Snap!

I have no connection with S4C other than as a viewer but details of opportunities for viewers to hear directly from S4C executives in Wales and beyond are posted on the S4C website and may be advertised elsewhere. I assume that the S4C website is regularly updated to provide notice of these events and other matters of note including contact details to allow anyone who wishes to provide feedback to S4C directly.


I do hope that the event in London on Tuesday evening will be well attended to demonstrate strong interest in Welsh language broadcasting beyond Wales.


I am on some kind of S4C mailing list, after sending in feedback once, but I didn’t get anything about this, so many thank @hyweljohn for bringing it to our attention.

Thanks, Hywel. Mine was a hypothetical question, really - but it’s good to see that S4C appreciate they have viewers outwith Wales.

I didn’t have anything from them about that, but as they know I live in Scotland, I’m not surprised!! I suspect London and Liverpool are about the only 2 places outside Wales they go to.

I didn’t get anything from them at all. Must be they think me, living in Slovenia, not being interested in any kinds of things regarding S4C apart from what I can watch abroad … I didn’t get their newsletter for ages …

S4C typically hold viewers evenings in different locations in Wales 2-3 times per year. They are usually only advertised on the S4C, the website and in the locality hosting the evening. S4C holding a viewers evening in London must be a response to the fact that S4C’s viewing figures outside Wales (in the rest of the UK) have grown substantially over the last couple of years compared to viewing figures inside Wales.


Did anyone attend? Unfortunately, as it turned out, I couldn’t, as there was something unavoidable that clashed with it.

To anyone who went, how did it go?