S4C survey aimed at viewers outside Wales

From S4C’s Facebook page:

Ydych chi’n gwylio S4C ac yn byw tu allan i Gymru?
Rhowch eich barn yma. Cyfle i ennill £50!

Do you live outside Wales and watch S4C?
Give your opinion here. A chance to win £50!


Gavin, thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve just completed the survey. Now, how do I spend that 50 quid? :slight_smile:

Have done the survey, diolch Gavin for telling us. It’s good that they are aware of viewers who don’t actually live in Wales, so I hope lots of people fill in the very quick survey

What a great idea, and nicely forward thinking of them. There must be plenty of Welsh speakers (and Welsh learners) in the rest of the United Kingdom who watch S4C.

Yes, thanks! I filled this out straight away. It’s important they know S4C is not only watched in Wales. I’m so happy to be able to watch via Virgin.

I’m debating whether or not to fill out the survey. I’d like them to know that they have fans in the US but I’m concerned they might crack down on people watching by, er, alternative means.

Unless you say that a family member tapes things on VHS and posts them to you :slight_smile:

Well there are items such as Pawb a’i Farn and a few others with permissions to watch world wide. I of course live in England and have completed the survey.

Thanks for the heads up Gavin.

Strangely worded question at the end though:

“Do you understand Welsh?” with only yes, or no as options.

Either answer would give the wrong or incomplete impression, but I had to answer “yes” (well, I had earlier admitted to using English and Welsh subtitles, so it’s sort of qualified… :slight_smile: ).

Hope something good comes as a result of the survey (like it being more widely available on Freeview)

Sorry folks - It looks like this survey is closed already. I hope a few of you managed to complete it.

Pity, only just heard about it. Cachu!

Also missed the survey. As a Welsh speaker living in England I do watch a fair bit of SC4. Have recently introduced my grand-daughter aged 18 mths. to the children’s programmes on SC4.

Although it may be too late to do the survey, S4C have a contact us page:


email, snail-mail, or phone possibilities.

Not S4C, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive a next-day response from Felix/Purina, whom I’d contacted to ask if they could put Welsh onto their multi-lingual cat-food pouches.

They didn’t say they would do it, but they did thank me for the comment and said they would pass it on to the appropriate department.

So you never know: it’s always worth having a go at contacting what sometimes seem like large unresponsive organisations and letting them know what you think.